Red Dead Redemption Short Film Sneak Peak

PSLS writes:

We’ve got a 60 second “sneak peak” of the short film titled “A Short Film Made From Red Dead Redemption” airing exclusively on FOX Broadcasting Network.

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doctorstrange2760d ago

Was a pretty good movie, hopefully this will be showing in the UK

Sev2760d ago

You mean the sneak peak? The 30- minute movie doesn't air until Saturday night. I cannot wait. Even though I've played through the game, I'm interested to see how the director re-did the scenes.

Trexman892760d ago

what do you mean by re-did the scenes? you mean the part of the game where you control the character or the actual cutscenes?

decimalator2760d ago

that is awesome. I may actually buy the game after watching this

Sev2760d ago

I'm surprised you haven't bought it yet. It's such a great game. I actually should be playing it right now. Bye

T3mpr1x2760d ago

Lol agreed! It's like a Western GTA with better graphics, framerate...

Trexman892760d ago

yea I've put a surprising amount of hours into the multiplayer. At first I didn't think the multiplayer was that good but man i'll play like two races in modnation then switch over to red dead and end up playing for two hours.

Dellis2760d ago

Wow R* is by the best marketing team in the history of Video games.

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