AMD poaches Nvidia's Manju Hedge

AMD has announced that Nvidia's former VP of CUDA Technical Marketing Manju Hedge has joined its ranks.

Hedge is one of the co-founders of physics pioneers Ageia Technologies and from now on he will head AMD's Fusion Experience Program. Hedge will be in charge of finding applications that will utilize AMD's Fusion APUs.

He will report to AMD's Senior VP and General Manager Rick Berman, who said AMD was thrilled to have Hedge on board. ”Manju brings prized expertise in developing the ecosystem for enabling breakthrough and heightened experiences on new architectures to AMD. As Manju and his team work with the ecosystem to usher in a new era of visual computing, we expect a wide range of industry leaders to embrace the future of accelerated computing through the combination of the GPU and CPU - a combination only AMD can deliver with its AMD Fusion technology,” said Bergman.

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