Bit-Tech: Alpha Protocol Review

Bit-Tech writes: "We’re willing to overlook specific weaknesses based on the merits of the experience as a whole – to cite it again, we still love Deus Ex despite the terrible graphics and stiff combat, but Alpha Protocol frankly doesn’t have enough strengths to qualify."

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crematory2755d ago

before any one flame me , watch youtube walkthrough,i canceled my pre oder

- dumb AI
- bad visual and animation,
- lame character movement

BeaArthur2755d ago

He does move really funny, especially while crouching. I don't know how they looked at that and didn't think it should be changed.

Smkt2755d ago

the shooting looked crap aswell, but maybe it gets better after you level up...

a shame really.. i had high hopes for this game :(

PoSTedUP2755d ago

thats your opinion bro, i will defiantly take it into consideration when "thinking" about buying this game.

5/10.. maybe worth a bargain bin purchase in a few years. i like to give games a chance ; )

knight6262755d ago

i been playing this and the idea is not that bad but i do agree the ai is kind of dumb

Cold 20002755d ago

Have to admit the game does look pretty lame. Thought it had potential...watched a couple of previews...and lost interest lol.

VileAndVicious2755d ago

What is bit-tech again??
Im still buying this game regardless.

NeoBasch2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Obsidian is famous for their terrible presentations. However, the reason why their fan base has continually expanded is because of their masterly told stories and game mechanics. Again, when I refer to mechanics, I'm not talking about how the game played, but the ideas behind the systems involved. This is just one such case of great idea but poor execution. Hopefully, a sequel, if there is one, will improve on the basis. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to support this game. I'll pick up a copy in a week or two. Obsidian just needs some more staff: experienced staff. My sale will help them towards that goal. ;)

Parapraxis2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I got riffed on for saying the animation looked awful...hmm

I have a feeling we'll be seeing similar reviews from most sites.

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himdeel2755d ago

...nothing like the RPG spy romp we were promised. While this is just one review I do hope that this score isn't reflective of the average.

itani2755d ago

Wanted to get this game but got Modnation Racers instead. Awesome game!

BeaArthur2755d ago

Seems low but after seeing a few videos for this game I had a feeling it was going to be average at best.

itani2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )


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