Driver heads up Ubisoft E3 conference

CVG: Publisher reveals line-up

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Faztkiller2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I hope it goes back to the basics and focus on the driving and not try to compete with GTA/Saint Row

Forbidden_Darkness2829d ago

Funny how a game called driver isn't focused on driving lol.

I use to love playing D2 and running from the police, finding vehicles and just driving around, smashing cars.

playstation_clan2829d ago

driver was a gta like style game for ps1/ps2, ive enjoyed their games. Well not the one for ps2

HyperBear2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I can't believe the Driver series is still around. I would have thought after the failed attempt that was Driv3r, they would just can the whole franchise (if you want to call it that). If they want any success this time around, they need to go back and play the first driver, and built a game over those mechanics and controls and then make it in HD...Driver Parallel Lines wasn't bad, but wasn't as good as the original.

Faztkiller2829d ago

I was so HYPED for Driv3r I don't think I've ever been more let down by a game. IMO they started trying to compete with GTA and lost what made the first two great

yess2829d ago

Driv3r still the best game to Do a barrelroll in...

NYC_Gamer2829d ago

used to enjoy driver games on the ps1...

Welcome2829d ago

The curse of this series was guns. Driver wasnt supposed to be a GTA Clone, it was about adreneline fueled, hectic car chases & people randomly running away from you when you get out of your car. I'm not saying take the guns out completely, just implement them in a more original manner.

madkrazygames2829d ago

I didn't enjoy the drivers series that much, I was hoping they will bring back the Beyond Good and Evil series.

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The story is too old to be commented.