NXT Gamer: Preview: Crackdown 2

NXT Gamer's ButterflyEdge takes a look at what we know and what we want to see in Crackdown 2!

"Crackdown was a strange one. It almost came out of nowhere and gained most of its early attention with the ‘Halo 3 Beta’ sticker it just happened to have on it. I’ll be honest, that’s why I bought it. And I’m sure like many others; I approached it wearily, assuming the worst. Surely this Halo 3 Beta promotion was nothing but a cunning ploy to earn some sneaky sales and shoe-horn a mediocre-at-best title onto peoples shelves?"

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Double Toasted3039d ago

I can't wait, but alas I must...but still.

playstation_clan3039d ago

i cant wait to play a GTA game being a cop

Blacktric3039d ago

You should stop trolling and try to live a decent life sometimes. You might feel better.

BeaArthur3039d ago

No he would rather be a joke for the rest of his life.

SOAD3039d ago

I know that Playstation_clan is a troll and a fanboy but that particular comment doesn't seem like a bash at Crackdown2.

If you like GTA and you always wondered what it would be like if you were playing as the authority figure in a free-roam sandbox game, then Crackdown 2 is the game for you.

rkimoto3038d ago

I don't see how that comment falls into the trolling section... Unless it was meant as sarcasm of course

Akagi3039d ago

This will be a good co-op game, and most likely, offline too. Day 1.

BeaArthur3039d ago

I'm not ready to call it day 1 yet. Really liked the first one but I'm still reserving judgment.

UnSelf3039d ago

i must be the only human on the planet who bought Crackdown day 1 off its own merits

secksi-killer3039d ago

after the cracking demo, i just like you...the halo beta was just a very nice added extra

day one for this also

Double Toasted3039d ago

I wonder why they chose July to release? What do they have to compete with in June?

IronFistChinMi3039d ago

Not sure to be honest. Maybe they want the E3 buzz to die down.