Modnation Racers - Mod your date

A viral has been released for ModNation Racers in which a fat guy performs many mods on himself and attracts a hot chick into his bedroom.

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Joni-Ice3124d ago

Modnation Racer is AWESOME.

Nitrowolf23124d ago

this game is addicting already finished the story mode to, now going to get all the mod pieces

Tommykrem3124d ago

Exactly where I am :) Enjoying every moment

alphakennybody3124d ago

Got it yesterday, I think I spend 90% of my time so far in customizing my mod lol

BannedForNineYears3124d ago

That's what happened to me in the beta......
I should buy this game......I've been playing too many shooters......>_>

inveni03124d ago

I'm STILLLLL waiting for my copy to arrive. Stupid shipping is regular USPS mail.

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