Nintendo Continues to Be Slammed by Greenpeace

In what has become something of a ‘regular thing,’ Greenpeace has released their annual Guide to Greener Electronics. The yearly report is designed to rate the current ‘green’ score that electronics companies are at in an effort to reduce waste and prevent dangerous chemicals and pollutants from being distributed.

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BYE3036d ago

Not the biggest Greenpeace fan, but there's no excuse for Nintendo to not meet certain standards.

Shame on you, Big N!

SpoonyRedMage3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

It's not proper data, Greenpeace gives them low ratings because Nintendo weren't giving them data.

EDIT: Ha it actually mentions that in the article anyway.

rumplstilts3036d ago

I think that by disclosing data you are practically admitting that you are doing something shameful. I think that it is perfectly reasonable to deduct points for said practice.

Invader_Quirk3030d ago

That would be true if Greenpeace was in any way reputable. Nintendo is doing the right thing by ignoring them. They're loonies and terrorists.

Invader_Quirk3036d ago

If people someday start giving a crap about Greanpeace, this could maybe hurt Nintendo perhaps!