GameZone: Crackdown 2 Hands-On Impressions

GameZone's Raychul Moore writes,

"It has to be said though; in some departments, it felt like no improvement was made (gameplay, co-op design) or as if the game took a step back rather than forward ( character design). That being said, I have no interest in playing the game’s single-player, and even though there wasn’t much keeping co-op players together, I still look forward to blowing things up with my friends over Xbox Live. I think Crackdown fans will be entertained, but they may not be receiving the sequel that they are probably hoping for."

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athmaus3124d ago

Game looks to be pretty good :)

Blaze9293124d ago

can't wait to play it. Anyone participating in their little orb hunt promotion?

mistermostyn3124d ago

Even without Realtime Worlds, I'm still pumped for Crackdown 2... shame Raychul wasn't so impressed.

Caspel3124d ago

I hope the co-op is better than she describes it

kimvidard3124d ago

I'm pretty confident about that one.

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