What were these companies thinking?

PSUNI writes "You may or may not have heard the news that Rock Band 3 will probably feature a new keyboard peripheral. This is great news for players wanting the challenge of playing a new instrument, fans of keyboards and/or the band Journey, and those needing more toy-sized plastic instruments to clutter their living rooms. Will it just be a miniaturized keyboard? Will it be a super-rad keytar that’ll make the ladies swoon? Is Keyboard Cat involved at all?"

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DelbertGrady3042d ago

Guess which one came out a year before the other? ;)

Elven63042d ago

The VMU launched in 98 right? The Pocketstation seems to have sold ok in Japan,

I wonder how the VMU sold though, I'm sure it must have done well too given it was also a memory card with its own games too.

Andronix3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

PocketStation, allowed you to nurture your FF Chocobo away from your PS2. It didn't take of, but the concept of a separate portable console is one that will grow. Look at the PSP and PS3, and look at the Windows 7 phone and how it will connect with Xbox Live.

Nintendo released the Virtual Boy, a 3D style console. It was a massive fail, but this was not a failure. It was proof of a company that didn't want to be pedestrian in its console development, it was proof of a company that wanted to be an industry pioneer. When Sony and Microsoft were focusing on HD, Nintendo took a chance with a new control device- the Wii-mote, and it paid off massively opening up the video game industry to the masses. All because they had the vision and the bollocks to try something new.

TANUKI3042d ago

Oh wow, lol. I totally forgot about that Resident Evil controller.

Must have been quite difficult to use...?

CobraKai3042d ago

Do you remember the Onimusha Katana controller

TANUKI3042d ago

oh wow! I actually have never seen that. Thanks!

But yea, that Katana controller looks just as ridiculous, lol.

BkaY3042d ago

RE4 chainsaw controller.... lol


e-p-ayeaH3042d ago

i wonder if i can use one nowadays with FF8 psn ver. to train my chicobo! :D

BannedForNineYears3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

Lol, good read.

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