GamingForte: Digital Sales 80% of PC Market

Digital distribution has become the primary sales vehicle for PC games, a report from the PC Gaming Alliance concludes. After years of PC games being sold in cardboard boxes, those boxes now account for only 20% of total PC game sales. Alongside this change in distribution methods came an increase in 3% of total video game sales.

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Letros2755d ago

PC, it only innovates everything.

Montrealien2755d ago


after reading that PC gaming is dead for the last 20 years, PC gaming has always proven to be a major player.

gamingforte2755d ago

agreed' PC in my opinion is always ahead of the curve. More powerful and more global than consoles.

chak_2755d ago

sorry we're still here. And for longer than you actually :D

see you again in the next next generation :D

gamingforte2754d ago

i do think multi player games are more fun on console systems.