Redemption songs: the making of the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack

guardian writes: Rockstar's Western-themed shooter boasts over 14 hours of original music, written and performed by cult US musicians Bill Elm and Woody Jackson. Here, the duo explains the offbeat sessions that led to this utterly evocative score...

Red Dead Redemption: the soundtrack is a key element in the game's admirable sense of place and history.

On a remote mountain pass, with a reddening sun disappearing over the vast horizon, John Marston spots the criminal he's been paid to track down. As the reformed outlaw spurs his horse to give chase, a rumbling bass guitar groove starts up, the tempo seemingly accelerating to match the animal's galloping hooves. It is exhilarating stuff, a perfect matching of action and audio that recalls the partnership of Leone and Morricone. But this is a video game, and the choreography of soundtrack and story is happening on the fly. Red Dead Redemption is awash with moments like this.

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