Console Add-Ons Have Never Succeeded

NG: We predict the fate add-ons like Natal by talking to the people behind them...

Today’s speculation over Natal’s price point has caused a forehead-slapping epidemic in the NowGamer offices. In our opinion, it shows an almost wanton refusal on the part of Microsoft to learn from the less-than-stellar history of console add-ons.

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Montrealien3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

That is why I think MS will just do what Nintendo did, which is simply re-launch the 360, maybe even rebrand it with Natal as a key feature. And while we are on the subject, Move is being seen as a hardware launch also. not an add on launch. What I am trying to say here is that MS and Sony will stay as far as possible from the Add-on label, at least in the marketing of their new products.

great article btw, nice trip down memory lane.

anh_duong3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

guitar hero worked pretty well.. so did wii fit .. and wii motion plus worked well with wii sports resort..

sxpacks3095d ago

Rockband has sold pretty well - $200 for the entire game at launch it seemed to have worked out really well. And that is only 1 game.

Redempteur3095d ago

don't mix Game addons and console addons

anh_duong3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

logitech steering wheel/wii motion plus/balance board are other ways of controlling games - they aren't just for one game... natal and move are also another way of controlling games.. they fit in the same category

strictly speaking a console add-on is something like like a wifi adapter..

so this article fails.. quite hard in fact..

deadreckoning6663095d ago

Why does this article only concentrate on Natal, what about Move?

JumpNPlayBon3095d ago

For once I think you said something sensible. I'm not into motion control of any kind, but to focus solely on Natal and barely mention Move is idiotic at best. They both will fragment their user base, though I do agree MS is betting more on Natal than Sony is with Move.

Blaze9293095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Uh by who? Maybe I missed it but I haven't heard any comments from Sony about how they plan to market MOVE. We already know Microsoft is launching it like the launch of a new system. But I can't recall Sony saying the same.

The Lazy One3095d ago

If they don't then Move will rest-assuredly fail.

Montrealien3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Sony themselves Blaze, or at least what the rep told me. Their reps have been going around showing off move to retailers and they have clearly stated in these meetings that move will be handled like a hardware launch. It is not a new console, but it will be handled like a hardware launch. I saw this and heard this first hand from sony reps who had a PS3 dev kit and a few move wands. I am not inventing this.

And to the people above bringing up rock band and guitar hero, those are games, software, with peripherals, not add-ons to existing consoles sold by the console maker themselves. And btw, the article is talking about some of the well known failures, and yes, there where more failures in this market then successes. You are preaching to the quire when you feel the need to remind us that some peripherals where successes.


I am just saying MS will do this because Nintendo did it and it worked them wonders, I am sure that Sony and MS looked at what nintendo did very closely. I may be wrong, we will know at E3.

sikbeta3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

But that's the point of being an add-on, it's a Plus, you can have it or not, it doesn't affect your gaming experience, you can have the Console [PS3] and don't give a Damn about Move

There is no need for a Rebrand, just sell it separately + Bundles and that's it and show to people that the thing is cool and works great with loads of games, so they get more interested and go to buy it...

HurstDarkStar3095d ago

it says its very offended and would like to speak to your manager

Hands Up For Games3095d ago

Exactly. That Balance Board thingymijig that Nintendo had did nothing, did it? (I cant do sarcasm, but I try)

alphakennybody3095d ago

haha tell that to nintendo, I've seen many wii owner who have a whole asneral of wii add on in their closet.

BeaArthur3095d ago

There have been plenty of add-ons that have been successful. Just because there have been total bombs doesn't mean none of them are successful.

Millah3095d ago

I know right? If anything, this generation has proven that add-ons can be successful, with all the success of peripheral based games has seen this gen. I seem to recall Wii fit being one of the biggest success stories of this console generation.

Lombax3095d ago

I think there is a fundamental difference between the two.

Wasn't the original Dualshock an add on that later became the standard, packed in controller??

Though I do think the high price point of Natal will definitely hurt its sales.

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