New StarCraft II Concept Art: Zerg Queen

Take a look at the creepy-crawly Zerg Queen concept art IncGamers picked up from Blizzard.

At the press event in London, IncGamers didn't only get to talk to Frank Pearce and try out the new single player mode, but also got a nice disc of press assets. Most of this has been seen before, but one piece of art is new!

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Bandreus2852d ago

Love how she poops creep tumors

Maticus2852d ago

Wow, hasn't she changed shape since last time?!

Bandreus2852d ago

Maybe a bit, not entirely sure

Bandreus2852d ago

And, awesome piece of art, as Blizzard artists usually perform

Cogo2852d ago

Ah, I have seen similar ones, but this is indeed new, I think.

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