Alpha Protocol review - 84% in GamesMaster

GamesMaster's verdict on Alpha Protocol is in and it's a favourable one at that.

The mag's awarded Sega's espionage RPG a very respectable 84% thanks to its, "dynamic shooting, insane levels of customisation and a thumping near-future dose of espionage and sinister conspiracy."

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Xof3094d ago

About what I expected. I expect that this game will get some decent pre-release reviews, then a whole lot of post-release criticism.

Montrealien3094d ago

Sometimnes I wonder why people feel the need to share such Debbie Downer type of comments.

/on topic

We just received this today, I am looking forward to trying it out tonight, looks promissing.

nycredude3094d ago


Please post some impressions. I have this on preorder and paid but would like to know if I should keep it. Thanks.

Xof So an 84 is NOT good now? When did you start gaming? Back in the day an 84 was a must play!

despair3094d ago

i've bought and enjoyed games with a lot lower score than 8.4, not good HA.

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vhero3094d ago

I just wonder if Mass Effect would have got about the same scores if it was multi platform.. I think it probably would have..

Cold 20003094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

According to your "logic" I guess GOW3 would have got the same scores as Dante's Inferno if it was multi.

BeaArthur3094d ago

It was multiplatform. The PC is a platform, so no, you would be wrong.

jetlian3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

PC is not a platform. it has no standard whatsoever. in any case the game looks tight. should have it by next weekend

Montrealien3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

What is a platform jetlian? I am interested in your definition.

while I am at it, out of curiosity, can I have a functional computer with just a mothboard, no ram and a screen? Or should I follow the PC standard of having ram, a HDD, a mother board, a proccesor and a videocard? all conected to a screen? And also, does windows have standards?

I am sorry, but your comment just makes no sense what so ever to me. just one flaw in your statement, by definition alone, an operating system is a computing platform.

Bolts3094d ago

Jetlian clearly has no idea what a platform is.

jetlian3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

part of "No standard whatsoever" do you not understand. You buy a pc game you have to "HAVE TO" look at its spec to see if you can play the game. A 360,wii,ps3 or any other system so long as the game is for that system theres nothing to worry about.

Even this... how many PC's did NPD show sold from jan - march 31? They don't include pc sales in a game consoles sales. Another thing Who is the first party leader on PC gaming? For wii=nin, ps3=sony, 360=MS PC= who?

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lucifon3094d ago

Not to mention the fact that ME2 is clearly heads above Alpha Protocol, thats not to say its a bad game at all.

Kahvipannu3094d ago

Obviously you haven't played ME. You should, ME1 combined ME2 is one of the greatest things in gaming.

Play games, not platforms.

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despair3094d ago

hmm hopefully the good reviews keep coming I really want this game to be good...looking forward to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.