The Making of Mass Effect 2

"The mining?" asks Bioware dev Christina Norman, "everyone hates the mining." Yep, the mining was Mass Effect 2's one mistake, and even then it was a small one, made worse by the sheer bloody amount of probing you had to do just to become competitive. In every other way Mass Effect 2 was an improvement on its predecessor, but it took a series of gutsy decisions to take it in its brand new direction.

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no_more_heroes3097d ago

"Mass Effect 2 was really a triumph of game development," says Hudson.

You can say THAT again. First game since Kingdom Hearts 2 that I can so willfully and readily play from start to finish countless times, and still enjoy it immensely. I've played through it 3 times so far and each time it was different (and that was still as a Paragon!)

Matter of fact, I think its about time for another playthrough.