More Red Dead DLC Coming Later This Year

NowGamer: Rockstar will reveal more details for it's Red Dead Redemption co-op DLC soon, while more DLC packs are coming later this summer and in the autumn...

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Marcello3094d ago

You can keep it coming as far as i am concerned, this game is just so awesome, i simply cant get enuff of it :)

pimpmaster3094d ago

i think ive had enough.i beat the SP mode and have leveled up to lvl 35. the online is starting to get really borng theres only 2 modes, team slayer and capture the flag/neutral flag. they defenetly needed more modes , im already thinking on selling it.

T9X693094d ago

You called Gang shootout, Team Slayer. Go back to Halo.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

I read somewhere that after the thing that happens at the end you can hunt down edgar ross and duel him. Is this true? If so how do I do it?

Have you dueled/fought/whatevered edgar ross?

T9X693094d ago

Yes you can, once you take over as Jack go to Blackwater and look for a stranger mission. The mission is called "Remember My Family". From there you can begin to hunt him down.

Redlogic3094d ago

I hope that R* supports the ever loving ish outa this game. I will buy pretty much any DLC that comes out for this game as I simply can't stop playing it.

Nelson M3094d ago

Co op Mexican Zombie Mode

mrv3213094d ago

Or even better, Zombie siege, hold off several location from hordes of zombies... no respawn.

SPARTANVI3094d ago

with excitement. Free DLC in June, don't see free DLC much anymore. Coop DLC will be HUGE in my group.

Thank you Rock*.

poopface13094d ago

This year IVe gotten ME2, Alan Wake, and RED dead redemption all with free DLC that is released a while after the game is.

Devs are realizing more people will buy and keep their games. Im all for free DLC and it has actually helped make me want to buy these games even more.

AliTheBrit193094d ago

Awesome, cant get enough of this fantastic game at the moment!

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The story is too old to be commented.