Asked & Answered: Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer, DLC, Hunting and More

Rockstar writes - "In the week since the release of Red Dead Redemption, we've received all sorts of questions about the game. With no further ado - here's an all-new Asked & Answered addressing a few of the inquiries submitted via Newswire comments, Mouthoff email, Twitter and Facebook."

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Yardie2977d ago

Wow people are crazy, of all things to ask/complain about, they ask about Marston's hat, the number of stars in the American flag and ways of measuring distance.

T9X692977d ago

I thought you was joking...then I read the questions. Wow, out of all the things people could have asked about the game and they come up with that shit?

Krugsy2977d ago

yeah your right about that one. People are

Krugsy2977d ago

Its not so much about the questions people ask but more about the questions R* chose to answer. I wouldn't be surprised if better questions were asked but R* didn't answer them, due to not having an answer or too confrontational.

T9X692977d ago

That is true, but its just the fact people actually asked these questions and wanted answers from Rockstar. If those stupid questions wasn't asked in the first place, Rockstar might have picked some better ones.

quantumriian2977d ago

Yeah you only mention the funny ones... what about the need for train and mini games in free roam? and don't forget! FREE co-op mission pack in June! I'll be there.

duQa2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Ücretsiz sayfası için tıklayın

Bobbykotickrulesz2977d ago

Dammit, I still need to rent this game.

Retarded ass Blockbuster never has any PS3 copies in. I'd buy it, but as I've said before, I wasted all my money on large bags of meth.

Krugsy2977d ago

meth and RDR...the perfect combination i'd say.

Official General2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

I have it on the PS3, it's a brilliant game.

TradingWarStories2977d ago

I still dont know if i should get this game hmmm

DirtyLary2976d ago

If you can't figure it out by now.... just go back to your previous game.

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