Not Even Semi-LAN In StarCraft II

Hundreds of thousands of Blizzard fans are disappointed that Blizzard has excluded network play in StarCraft II, but it's now confirmed there won't even be a semi-connected LAN mode.

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Djorgo3041d ago

See, I think they are kind of turning their back on the game's heritage here.

I know they need it a bit for Korea/China, but still...

Djorgo3041d ago

Might be, but they DID promise Activision would not interfere at all!

Forbidden_Darkness3041d ago

But this is Activision were talking about ;)

I'm sure they said that to kepp their fans happy, because it sure seems like activision has been doing alot by taking dedicated PC servers away and whatnot.

RedSky3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

I think it's pretty clear that it's designed to prevent circumvention of for pirated (or otherwise) multiplayer play.

Most people probably know about Garena and how it entirely circumvents through making use of in-game LAN mechanics and obviously allows people to avoid CD key checks. That's what they're trying to prevent.

Should be obvious that their comments about 'uniting communities' is just PR fluff so they don't sound like they're just chasing the bottom line.

I would imagine that semi-LAN play would open them up to reverse engineering efforts that would defeat the whole purpose although then again we have custom servers that emulate 1.0 right now, and there's little reason to think 2.0 won't be replicated eventually.

rexus123453040d ago

agree, they did this to prevent piracy in China and IP right violations in Korea, in the end, it's all about money.
I have no problem with it though, since pretty much everyone here in North America and Europe has stable internet connection.

badz1493040d ago

SC LAN was a blast and taking that feature out and then making separate releases makes it even worst! Activision IS THE WORST that ever happen to gaming!

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Leord3041d ago

I usually never say bad things about Blizzard, but I am actually quite disappointed by this. Not even a smi-LAN mode? Come on, this sucks :(

Bandreus3041d ago

Yeah, at least some limited form of LAN play would have been awesome

SCFreelancer3041d ago

really sad, even though it was to be expected with their stance towards lan in general. I feel that their excuses (to combat piracy this way) is void. The fact that I have to login to play single player doesn't make it any better. ;(

theCHUNK3041d ago

Color me not semi-surprised.

Shayagor3041d ago

lol, yeah, once they said no lan, I expected no lan at all, no semi, no bit, no nothing... =(

Cogo3041d ago

I know loads of people who could care less about it.

I mean, I am no massive LAN fan, but I still think it would not be such a terrible thing to satisfy the 250k ppl and let them play LAN if they want.

Recka3041d ago

This is so STUPID, I have to take download limit to play against people in my household... Blizz f**ked something up here

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The story is too old to be commented.