Natal: The Price Is Wrong

We’re gamers, and so generally the kind of people who like to live at ‘the cutting edge’ of new technology. We’re more than happy to embrace new concepts and more often than not we’re the first to race out and get our grubby little hands on any new electronic toys and gadgets. Most of the time we think nothing of the cost but simply delight in their shiny factor and the joy of doing things in new ways.

So why then does the thought of shelling out $149 for Microsoft’s Project Natal leave us so totally cold?

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Al Bundy3042d ago

Natal, come on down!!! You're the next contestant on The Price is WRONG!!!!

Inside_out3042d ago ShowReplies(1)
GWAVE3042d ago

Spend $150 (rumored) on a camera used for casual games, or just buy a Wii? Or just buy several 360 games. Or buy several 360 controllers. Or buy a DSi. Or a PSP.

It's tough for any gamer to really justify this.

JokesOnYou3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

The same site that were all over rez difference of FF then when RDR was found to be subhd for ps3 suddenly they come out with Why Screen Resolution Doesn't Matter.

The majority of headlines from this site seem to be nothing more than tailor made BS from the comments section of n4g:

Ex-Microsoft Studio Boss: 'Natal Will Fail
Why Screen Resolution Doesn't Matter
Five Features The PSP2 Needs To Beat The DS
8 Reasons Why LittleBigPlanet 2 Will Be The Best Game Ever
I Only Buy Call Of Duty When The Year Is An Odd Number. Who’s With Me?
Black Ops Down
Bungie Deal: Winners and Losers
E3 2010: 360 Vs PS3
Top 5 Third Party PS3 Titles That the 360 Needs
Why Half-Life episode 3 will never appear on PS3
Is Alan Wake The 360's Heavy Rain?
Where's The 360's God Of War?
Where Are All The Create-'em-ups On Xbox Then?
Is Heavenly Sword Better Than God Of War III?
Natal: Resigned To Failure?

-This definitely does seem to be a fanboy blog that favors ps3, but their not above writing flamebait for either, as long as the headline will get them hits from n4g....sort of like HHG without a videocamera. lol

"Nowgamer; Will the site ever write some real news?"

-Also no price is confirmed and until E3 nobody knows whats coming for Natal.


JD_Shadow3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

"Ex-Microsoft Studio Boss: 'Natal Will Fail"
Ask the Ex-MS boss about why he said that. It's not the site's fault. You're only blaming the site for reporting it. You didn't want them to tell us that he said that.

"Why Screen Resolution Doesn't Matter"
RDR PS3 had exclusive DLC. Stuff like that seems to make screen res moot. On FF13, where a lot of compromises happened due to the multiplatform announcement, you bet your ass it matters.

"Five Features The PSP2 Needs To Beat The DS"
Don't see anything wrong with that.

"8 Reasons Why LittleBigPlanet 2 Will Be The Best Game Ever"
Some others would believe that LBP2 might just be the "best game ever".

"I Only Buy Call Of Duty When The Year Is An Odd Number. Who’s With Me?"
Bases on that Treyarch made the odd numbered CODs. Criticism about the dev teams.

"Black Ops Down"
Not clear what this headline refers to.

"Bungie Deal: Winners and Losers"
Not the only site that did this.

"E3 2010: 360 Vs PS3"
Just about EVERY gaming site is making E3 articles similar to this one. You're going to blame THIS site because you don't like them, but excuse everyone else (you do this by simply LISTING this headline)?

"Top 5 Third Party PS3 Titles That the 360 Needs"'re admitting that MS DOESN'T need to buy-out/convince/whatever to third parties to make PS3 third party exclusives to go multiplatform? If people complain WHEN something like that happens, you would say how big of PS3 fanboys we were FOR bitching about it.

"Why Half-Life episode 3 will never appear on PS3"
They may be wrong on this, but we all know how Valve is.

"Is Alan Wake The 360's Heavy Rain?"
They are talking in terms of hype, quality, and whatnot. Do you NOT want it to be the 360's HR? HR was an incredible game.

"Where's The 360's God Of War?"
"Where Are All The Create-'em-ups On Xbox Then?"
Two very valid questions to ask after seeing Modnation Racers, LBP, and God of War.

"Is Heavenly Sword Better Than God Of War III?"
HS was VERY underrated.

"Natal: Resigned To Failure?"
This is what some people do believe about Natal.

The thing is is that you're bringing what I think are valid questions to ask about things and something that could be (whether or not we like to hear it), and calling them flamebait because you don't want to hear THIS headline. The price tag IS wrong, and I wasn't interested in getting this BEFORE!

Oh, and MCV seemed to CONFIRM the price point. It was not seen as a rumor.

JokesOnYou3042d ago

You're missing the point, every site does a bit of negative speculation every now because sometimes reporting negative news is a part of being a professional but "nowgamer" has boatloads of "made for n4g headlines"...just look all these headlines a within a month or so.

Take a look at all the flamebait spewed here on n4g and you will see that many of the headlines from this site are tied to the comments section of n4g, more respectable/bigger sites like IGN, joystiq, gamespot etc tend to just do previews, interviews, cover announcements, general gaming news, and most importantly just provide the facts in such a way that they are INFORMING THEIR READERS instead of the constant editorialized propaganda, which is more often slanted in a negative fashion one way or the other. Hell besides the headlines reading some of the content its like it was written by a n4g memeber with the obvious talking points. Also they "seem to confirm" and "confirm" are different which basicly means its not confirmed until micro does, but really I'm its not a big deal just something they should point out if their interested in making an accurate news article, at any rate my main point is that this site is all about fanboy rhetoric= generating hits from n4g. That's fine, they're well within their rights to do so, however for me any site that seems to cater to n4g fanboy discussion's on a consistent basis aren't very creditable, much like HHG, who I personally like because I admire him for following his passion, however I just don't take his journalistic critique of gaming very seriously.


Denethor_II3041d ago

@JOY So you don't like the PS3?

Mo0eY3042d ago

Ahhh, Nowgamer is doing damage control. There's a reason Microsoft has the label M$. :]

Sarcasm3042d ago

"We’re gamers, and so generally the kind of people who like to live at ‘the cutting edge’ of new technology"

Well isn't that far from the truth. Or else there wouldn't be 35 million 360's sold worldwide.

MNicholas3042d ago

since they took out the 3D processor last year and moved 3D processing to the Xbox360 CPU.

How much does a webcam go for these days?

cryymoar3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

you can get an Eyetoy from Gamestop and use it as a PC or PS3 web cam for $2.99.
that's how cheap web cams are now days.

Microsoft is gona charge you $100+ for a redesigned Eyetoy rip off.

sikbeta3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

You're talking about the Eyetoy for PS2 or The PS-Eye for PS3? Cos the 2 are Different...

The Eye for PS3 is Better than the Eyetoy, as far as I know the PS-eye cost $35/$40, but there is Always Eye-Pet Bundled with the Eye for $60...

Alcon Caper3042d ago

If they market it as a product like Rock Band, which charges upwards of $100 for their complete set of instruments, I think they can surround Natal by setting the trend that it's "cool" and "in." With the amount of support MS is putting behind it, I would think that this is their strategy.

Unfortunately, that purchase base is so short-lived. How to tap into the long-term market seems like more of a challenge. After all, MS wouldn't want Natal to just be a 1 year fad, but something that would revolutionize the industry. If it falls into the short-term category, it will be labeled as gimmicky and cheap.

Personally, I don't think the technology is, but this is wishful thinking only. We'll see living proof when E3 rolls around.

Syronicus3042d ago

Come on, let's recall the price they have on those hard drives...

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pesevengi3042d ago - think this one says it all already. Plus no-one has confirmed that the price is $149 and this article makes it clear why it most likely won't be!

Forbidden_Darkness3042d ago

More then one site can have 'opinions'

Forbidden_Darkness3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

"We’re more than happy to embrace new concepts and more often than not"

Wait...? This part of the sentence doesn't make sense.

pwnsause3042d ago

The price is wrong B**ch!

Briefcase Joe3042d ago

I was going to post the same thing.

cosmoracer3042d ago

I suppose I represent the casual game segment, but I don't like being labeled that. I work, I have a family and I have the money to buy it. I am short on time to play. When it comes down to it, I want to the get most fund for my buck in the limited time I have. I am kinda loyal to the 360, but I used to be loyal to PS. At $150, I can put my money towards a PS3 and open up that new experience. That sounds like more fun for the dollar than hitting red balls. Really, it comes down to whether or not Natal has a killer ap. I have yet to see something (other than Mylo and Kate) that makes me really makes me think I am going to get a long term better experience. Sure, it will always be fun for an hour or so, but I learned from the Wii that the novelty wears off quickly and it starts to collect dust.

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