Stranglehold demo on the way

According to the official Stranglehold blog on IGN, a demo should be arriving on Xbox Live Marketplace soon. The demo is finished and has been sent off to Microsoft for approval.

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ryanjtravis4079d ago

I'm looking forward to this one... nothing too groundbreaking, but some solid fun action.

Daz4079d ago

spot on there the graphics are not the best but its gamesplay what counts and this game looks like it got the fun factor.

kewlkat0074079d ago

not sure if I'll buy the game yet. Demos ,xbl, just geat.

FCOLitsjustagame4079d ago

Demo would be nice.
So far I really havent liked what I have seen. I dont know what it is, the destructable environments and some of the moves he does seem cool. But I guess all the bullet spaming and the fact he does the moves continously makes it seem less cool and just really repetative. Like Just Cause fighting. But maybe the videos have only been showing us "those" parts of the game and we can learn more with a demo.

tonsoffun4079d ago

Cool, this is one of the games I do plan on purchasing on the PS3, but this demo on live will help keep the impatience at bay.

JPomper4079d ago

Hope the game is multiplayer.

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