Alpha Protocol Xbox 360 vs. PS3 - Screenshot Comparison

In this screenshot check Videogameszone compared the Xbox 360 to the PS3 version of Alpha Protocol.

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Welcome2947d ago

Let us compare the graphics of a crap graphics game peeps!

DelbertGrady2947d ago

I actually think the game seems interesting. It's from the makers of KOTOR 2 and if executed correctly it could be Mass Effect meets Bourne, which would be awesome.

StanLee2947d ago

The premise is great but the production values are dated.

Unicron2947d ago

Its the Bond RPG. That alone makes it awesome.

Christopher2947d ago

It's a game where the graphics aren't intended to sell the game, the concept is. Much like the first Mass Effect.

To see that they are both of the same quality, I hope we can set this topic aside and now put full focus on the gameplay and story.

Silentmerc3nary2947d ago

When ME1 first came out, the graphics were amazing.

despair2947d ago

ME1 graphics were good not amazing and I'm talking PC version maxed out not X360....but on topic alpha protocol looks like it could have a lot of promise and just like dragon age it doesn't need stellar best ever graphics to work. So I hope this game is good as i've been anticipating it since last august.

HolyOrangeCows2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Identical. And I wouldn't call it crap, they're quite passable.

Alpha has been on my radar for a while. I still have to see some reviews and maybe play a demo, but this game looks like a lot of fun.

BlackKnight2947d ago

Actually looks like the 360 has object motion blur.


HolyOrangeCows2947d ago

It's from a cutscene. The motion blur comes in very briefly. And by the aliasing (on the fence especially), you can tell that the pictures were taken at very slightly different times. (8:36)

Biggest2947d ago

I agree with Welcome on this one. Why in the hell would anyone care that they got the "superior" version of this ugly thing? The game may be good, but the graphics are not.

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captain-obvious2947d ago

i dont know anything about this game
but i think irs a ME rip-off

im i right ??

nycredude2947d ago

It's more of a blend of ME and Splinter Cell. Looks interesting. I preordered and paid off but if this gets bad reviews then I will cancel and buy something else.

Christopher2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Obsidian and BioWare have had a very tight relationship over the years and while they both share concepts and technology, their games are not just copies of each other.

This one focuses on a single character storyline with more capabilities for advancing with various factions rather than just a good/not-as-good option at various points. In addition, this one is focused on a wider array of gameplay options, including stealth, melee, various gunplay, explosives, and the such.

Yeah, it's similar with the storytelling options, but it's even more different.

nycredude2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Now I am more hyped for it thank you sir. I am considering picking it up for my laptop and using my gamestop credit for something else. Where the fuck are the reviews!?


We can curse now.

thief2947d ago

I think both ME1 and this game are variants of Deus Ex gameplay.
ME had a stronger RPG element, while this has more stealth and probably better story (though ME1 was excellent in that respect too)

Al Bundy2947d ago

(sigh) Another pixel fight.

Silly gameAr2947d ago

I'm not a crazy graphics w**** or anything, but this game doesn't look that great on either console, so why the comparison?

peeps2947d ago

looks very similar. in some pics it looks like 360 does aa better but it could just be the angle of the shots.

in general though i doubt think owners of either console will be envious of the other.

just hope this game gets good reviews tbh. it's out in the UK tomorrow, beating americas release date next week but haven't seen any reviews yet. It's an interesting concept though but i have a feeling it will either do really well or really bad.

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