Top 5 developer ‘betrayals’

When a game developer makes a few games for one platform and not another it will soon become associated with that platform, and should it subsequently turn its talents to multi-platform development, there will be fanboy-hell to pay. It’s like stabbing your brother in the heart with a big knife, only worse. Here are the five worst brother-stabbers of all time…

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NYC_Gamer3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

these companies didnt betray anyone because their games will still be on everyones console of choice

sikbeta3039d ago

*looking at the picture*

The lombax betrayed us?

OH, sure the "article" is talking about Betrayal because Insomniac made a Deal with EA for the Development of ONE Multiplat Game while they [IG] keep making Exclusives for Sony....

StanLee3039d ago

It's a garbage article. I don't see how any of those can be considered "betrayals". I'm sure fanboys somewhere will eat it up though.

Cevapi883039d ago

am i the only one who caught the sarcasm behind this guy's arguments....if you read weren't suppose to take this seriously

case in point......

"Clank is said to be staying at his sister’s place until the divorce has gone through, while an unshaven Ratchet was last seen staggering out of a bar and crying into a dustbin."

BannedForNineYears3039d ago

Ratchet and Clank is still a Sony owned IP so......Fail.
Misleading title is misleading.

Lombax3039d ago

Woah!! Easy there!

I'll never leave Sony. We still have a great relationship, and they understand my developers desire to own and have full controll over their own IP.

I wanted A Crack in Time to be Clock Blockers too, but Sony said no. Insomniac now has the ability to name their game however they please.

Freedom is a good thing for Insomniac!

jack_burt0n3039d ago


exclusive development > multiplat development

for the fans,

there is no way to spin that but hey the proof is in the pudding lets see how blur sells ;)

People seem to forget so quickly it was the fanbases that elevated Bungie and Insomniac.

Commander TK3039d ago

SE, Scamco, Crapcom, Ubisoft r the real betrayers

ShadowRyuX3039d ago

...some of you didn't read the article or your sarcasm detectors are of the two.

badz1493039d ago

all these companies are 3rd parties to begin with. I can think of worst true betrayals than these:

1. Epic games for saying that there'll be no PC gears1 but later on released it!

2. SE for announcing FFXIII as PS3 exclusives since the get go just to announce it multiplat later on and then provided the media with the obviously doctored screenshots of the 360 and the 360 turned out to be 576p when the said both version will be similar!

3. Remedy for cancelling the PC version in favor of the 360 and the game loses the sandbox element that was promised!

4. CAPCOM for releasing DLCs that are already on discs and DLCs on release dates! DAMN SCAMCOM!

5. M$ for putting "only on XBOX 360" on games not even exclusives!

6. Sony? for removal of other OS? (non-gaming related though)

Domer253038d ago

Just business. I agree with your comment and not the "article" which is just flamesh!t.

bakasora3038d ago

No $quareenix?
I rate $E the 1st rank

jerethdagryphon3038d ago

ratchet didnt but got to the forums and thers some deffinte betrayals

mostly in the evolutionary path lombax took

ig 'betrayed' darwin with the nearly inconcievable gender diamorphisms
which have no realistic counterpart..

but did they betray sony no
none of those did

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Christopher3039d ago

Yeah... It's a betrayal when a developer looks to make games for an even larger audience... Damn them for making games for gamers!

IdleLeeSiuLung3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )


What betrayal? I guess you can call it betrayal against fanboys!!!

Pillville3039d ago

Really, I can't believe these businesses want to make more money. I'm so personally hurt.


BRG90003039d ago

Why does no one seem to notice how tongue-in-cheek this whole article is? He's defending the "betrayers" every step of the way, and making fun of the fanboys who make big fusses about these. On that note, I'm surprised Insomniac was on there but not SE for FF13... there was far more fanboy rioting about that one than any other on the list as far as I remember.

Aquanox3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Obviously written by a PS fanboy. If these are to be considered as "Betrayals" (which aren't) why in the whole green world didn't this guy mention the most earth shattering of this generation?

Final Fantasy Also on Xbox 360.
Assassin's Creed once "PS3 only", shown for the first time being played on.... an Xbox 360.
Devil May Cry 5 "Only on Playstation 3"... made its way into Xbox 360.
Tekken... same story.
And don't forget Kojima Productions making future MGS multi.

Now those are probably the ones the fanboys could consider "bretrayals" because they were promised something - which they of course hyped to hell and back - and the story changed down the road.

However, this guy only focuses on events related to developers but not to big franchises themselves. Mass Effect stayed on Xbox 360, same Halo (of course) and same with Gears of War...

Pathethic article.

P_Bomb3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

He could have easily brought up a host of high profile exclusives that the 360 lost as well you know.

BioShock has a higher Meta' score than every game you listed. Former 360 exclusive & GOTY, later released on PS3 with exclusive DLC that's still exclusive.

Ninja Gaiden series as well.

They also lost console exclusivity on the Dead Rising, Just Cause, Far Cry and Saints Row series.

The Orange Box, Braid, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Lost Planet.

Kane & Lynch started off as an XBox exclusive too, a mirror to the Assassin's Creed situation you mentioned. Splinter Cell started off as "only on Xbox" as well, then got ported a year later & spent the rest of the decade multi platform.

GTA Lost and the Damned & Ballad of Gay Tony were pretty high profile and are now on PS3 as well, 75 million $$$ be damned.

Your Metal Gear/Kojima comment is pointless since Metal Gear has ALWAYS gone multi' every so many years. It debuted on the NES & the MSX. MGS was remade on the Gamecube. MGS2 was ported to the XBox.You can even play Metal Gear games on your phone. A Raiden spinoff going multi' is no big deal when you realise he's already BEEN on XBox.

Aquanox3038d ago

Lol... none of the titles you've mentioned were flagships of the console. They were TIMED exclusive from the begining, only that devs weren't allowed to talk about it. We're talking about Earth iconic titles in the case of PS3, titles that were PS exclusives for years... Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Tekken, Metal Gear...

You can't compare them with DLC and Bioshock in terms of impact. Come on!

On the other hand, those titles were still Timed exclusives on Xbox 360 whereas the PS3 one, on top of being flaship titles, were released on Xbox 360 AT THE SAME TIME, which stole any kind of console push advantage Sony could have with them.

Now THAT is what had the fanboys whinning all around the net about.

arakouftaian3039d ago

ok for imsomiac to create a new IP with their main studio an not exclusive to PS
and let working to a new small studio for their PS exclusive
all this after all the help and evolution of their studio
in PS .

i hope the new studio turn out better
but its hard, we will see

Legosz3039d ago

Especially Bungie because they have made multiplatform games before and their contract ended a long long time ago.

Imperator3039d ago

Insomniac and Bungie did not betray. In fact, the revealed their multiplat status BEFORE E3. The right there shows respect to their fans. Instead of dropping a bomb at E3, they revealed it beforehand.

AAACE53039d ago

Don't be fooled! This article is all about the Insomniac deal!

No one has really complained too much about the other developers.Knights of the old republic didn't go to Ps2 because it wasn't powerful enough. Id didn't understand Ps3's tech at first, so they are now on Ps3. MS was first to sign Gears, otherwise it probably would have been multiplat. MS was willing to fund Bungie's Halo project which is why it was exclusive.

No one cares too much about that. If you read the article, it is all about the Insomniac deal that pisses him off. They aren't abandoning or taking games away from the Ps3. The Ps3 will still get it's games, but they will create some others that will be multiplat, that's all!

At least he didn't try to say SE betrayed fans by going to Xbox. The first betrayal was going multiplat from Nintendo, so Nintendo fans should be mad if anyone.

MiamiACR3038d ago

If anyone honestly feels "Betrayed" by a gaming company going multiplat, should seriously consider getting their head checked.

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Cajun Chicken3039d ago

I personally think the worst one is Epic making Gears of War, not because it's on the 360, because it's rubbish and they should be fully concentrating on Unreal/UT instead of dumbing it down for the Gears audience.

Double Toasted3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

You get the dumbest comment of the day award. Congrats...

Edit: Cornelius, thats what I was getting ready to type. I mean, did UT even have a story or a driving force behind it besides a tutorial fighting bots? I've played a couple of them but that was the bases I came across.

Active Reload3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Nah, he's right, your comment is rather dumb.

Cajun Chicken3039d ago

Aye, like the Gears franchise over Unreal. "I thank you".

Lombax3039d ago

You've always carried a deep seeded hatred for Gears.

corneliuscrust3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Gears is NOTHING like Unreal/UT. Gears is not the result of "dumbing UT down" ...if ANYTHING, that new Bulletstorm game Epic is working on would be the "dumbed down UT" you're looking for.

Don't harp on Epic because you personally hate the Gears franchise, and if you're going to make rash comparisons, at least make sure they are in the same ballpark.

Elven63039d ago

Two different teams are making those two franchises, besides, the two games are nothing alike in terms of playability. UT is a first person shooter is it not while Gears is third person?

Unreal Tournament 3 was a great game yet it sold like crap, even the online community is small in size in comparison to previous titles. Gears of War is selling great for Epic, the consumers have voted with their wallets and Epic if they want to stay in business need to accommodate it long term.

It can also be argued that Unreal Engine 3 is as popular as it is among developers due to the showcasing done in Gears of War.

ATLGAMER3039d ago

Gears is so Overrated...I agree..Over the top and corney

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Wait! how exactly did Insomniac betray Sony? they weren't owned by them to begin with.

Talk about fail.

-GametimeUK-3039d ago

Lol, betrayals. It's business, deal with it.

VersusEM3039d ago

This article is stupid, all developers are making games for every1, except bioware, but then again who doesn't have a PC, these days.

Sarcasm3039d ago

The article is satire and sarcasm.

Who's really stupid for thinking it's real?

karlowma3039d ago

Real or not, it's 2 minutes of my life that, regretfully, I'll never get back.