The PS1 games you Never Played, but Should - Part 1

PSBeyond writes: Join PSBeyond as we toast PlayStation's hidden Gems in Part One of our feature

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DelbertGrady2975d ago

I actually played all of them. Especially digged Hogs of war.

Apolloeye2975d ago

Hogs of War was great fun. Kurushi got very difficult though...

FishCake9T42975d ago

Hog of War is where its at. Awesome game.

CherryLu-Chan2975d ago

It never turned up in Europe, so i'm hoping it's something Sony is going to rectify via PSN.
Likewise, a slice of Parasite Eve wouldn't go amiss, please!

eggbert2975d ago

was great. Although i hated that RIGHT when my monster got strong, it died.

jerethdagryphon2975d ago

the trick was once you got messages like it was feeling old and tired to freeze it aND get another monster to that point then merge them :) new monster mixed stats rinse repeast :)

TANUKI2975d ago

I love these types of articles. Thanks PSB.

Offtopic: I have that theme for my PS3's XMB. My all time favourite theme!

dragonyght2975d ago

Ninja: Shadow of Darkness was nice it really takes me back

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The story is too old to be commented.