APB Is 'More Than Worth $10 A Month'

Despite initially stating in 2009 that APB wouldn't have a monthly subscription fee, Realtime Worlds went away from that last month when they detailed the price plans for APB which will be available when it launches in a few months time.

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NYC_Gamer3124d ago

hope its more to this game then just gang shootouts....

mephman3124d ago

There's a ton of user generated content, and stuff like that. I guess it depends what floats your boat really.

Hardedge3124d ago

I wonder if other MMO's will follow this pricing scheme, would be pretty neat if they did *coughWoWcough*

Selyah3124d ago

I suppose in theory it means the game should now be better maintained with the subscription fee.

Kyll3124d ago

aw boy, don't think I'll be playing this with fees..

Charmers3124d ago

"APB Is 'More Than Worth $10 A Month"

I would say that is a matter of opinion, I am in the closed beta and the game got old pretty fast. I haven't played the beta now for months and that is "free of charge". Still I am sure some people will think it is worth "more than $10 a month" I just happen to not be one of them

mephman3124d ago

Yea. It sounds like they're going to be tweaking progression quite a lot though.

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