China Is A Huge Growth Opportunity For Blizzard

While "every fan is important" to Blizzard, as a market share opportunity, "Asia is huge", according to Frank Pearce, VP of product development in an interview with IncGamers.

Blizzard has not launched Wrath of the Lich King in China due to massive bureaucracy issues within the Chinese government, but it's already a place where Blizzard has millions of fans.

New partners have been made for both World of WarCraft and the future of in China, and Blizzard is rigged for a big job in the Eastern seas.

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Bandreus3125d ago

Well, there's so much potential in that market.

Leord3125d ago

Tens of millions of potential customers :)

Cogo3125d ago

A lot of Chinese people learn English as well. At least city-dwellers.

Recka3125d ago

Heaps of potential, 1 billion potential customers...

Djorgo3125d ago

Well I doubt all of them are even potential customers

Leord3125d ago

Yeah, def.

More like up to maximum of a hundred million or so.

Bandreus3125d ago

Yeah, lots of rural villages and stuff. But you know what, China is economically growing like crazy, so in the near future that market is going to grow exponentially. No wonder Blizzard is investing so much in that area

theslim3125d ago

Lets hope it works out for them :)

Leord3125d ago

This is probably the reason why LAN is not allowed. It's the main way SC1 is pirated in China.

Cogo3125d ago

Ugh. So it's THEIR fault we can't play LAN parties with SC2?!

Bandreus3125d ago

Most probably, Blizzard is simply taking as much people as possible into bnet, thats all. It is not like piracy is going to stop once they take out LAN, too much optimistic.

Letros3125d ago

Lich King isn't even out in China, yet able to sustain the largest WoW player base in the world, I'd say that's a huge growth potential.

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