Context is King

Context is everything. Introduce something real to the narrative and people are then more willing to go along with the fantasy elements. We don't rubbish Assassin’s Creed II for its historical and geographical inaccuracies, because we're too caught up in the lure of interacting with real historical locations and characters to care.

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Apolloeye3095d ago

I guess this is what makes Uncharted 2 so appealing.

Montrealien3095d ago

UC2 is one example. Another one could be Red Dead Redemption, AC2, Alan wake, I could go on and on and on. Many games have proven that context is King.

PureSquareGo3095d ago

I haven't played Uncharted 2 yet, so I don't know much about its story. I do want to play it though and the thing that attracts me to it is the spectacle of its action, which looks gloriously over the top. I've heard it has great voice acting and dialogue though so I'm intrigued to find out more - does it have a real life political/historical backdrop?

PureSquareGo3094d ago

Red Dead Redemption is a good example - I'm not sure I follow the Alan Wake example though. I agree the game appears to have a great narrative, but I don't think it relies on much real world context to help the player accept the fantasy. I haven't played it yet though, so I could be totally wrong.