Analyst: Industry Decline Until 2015

NowGamer: Games industry market analysis DFC Intelligence has warned that the games industry is set for a sharp slump in revenue for the next five years, thanks to a failing PC market and the rise of new, untested digital distribution methods. In a Gamasutra interview, DFC has revealed that things are projected to change in 2015.

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Raypture3125d ago

"a failing PC market"

lolno, so suddenly a rise in sales is the market failing? Someone needs to have a lesson in logic 101 here.

"but in the short term they provide less revenue."

That's the problem with buisiness today, people think short term profit and not long term profit.

I don't see any industry decline, in fact things being cheaper would help it as people could buy more and you can nickle and dime them that way, like gas stations: they make more money from pop and candy than gas yet pop and candy (unforturnately) is far cheaper than the gas.

SuperStrokey11233125d ago

5 years seems a bit long. I guess if the economy stays bad, the publishers keep assaulting the gamers wallets (which i fear will cause an actual collapse rather than a down turn), motion controls all tank, apple continues to water down portable gaming and other companies follow and new hardware comes out in 2013. I could see any of these things causing the market to stumble till 2015.