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StarCraft II Single Player Preview by IncGamers.com

Blizzard invited IncGamers to London to try out the new Single Player aspect of StarCraft II, and there's good news for fans of any preference between multiplayer and single player. (Blizzard, PC, Starcraft II, StarCraft II: Wings of LIberty)

Djorgo  +   1520d ago
Hehe, I am NOT regretting buying a Collector's Edition!
Leord  +   1520d ago
Gosh, you're a rich one! :)
UIOP  +   1520d ago
I so like thinks like "molotov-cocktail-throwin g civilians".
Will be great both in the campaign and in the editor :D
Cogo  +   1520d ago
It's probably those faces you have on the beta now. It's like the civilian of SC1, just more versatile "type" of unit, like the Dark Templar now can come in different designs...
Cogo  +   1520d ago
I think it's nice with the mercenary option for people. I mean, they are like normal units, but not :)
Leord  +   1520d ago
Ready for Release I say!
Maticus  +   1520d ago
When's this out then?
Cogo  +   1520d ago
27 July.
Dorjan  +   1520d ago
two months from today then!
Bandreus  +   1520d ago
Can't wait
SCFreelancer  +   1520d ago
Unbelievable that a game in this state still takes so long to release. Although I do think battle.net 2.0 needs some work before that.
Letros  +   1520d ago
Perfection can't be rushed, over a decade in absence, this will be the biggest selling game in 2010.
Bandreus  +   1520d ago
Gosh, I so much want this game out already! Lots of great things are into it, looking forward to the SP really.

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