Red Dead Redemption: PS3 version sold out "The Xbox 360 version of Red Dead Redemption is available everywhere in Germany, but the PS3 version is sold out by many retailers, for example Amazon. The prices are rising."

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Keanu7773043d ago ShowReplies(4)
neotom3043d ago

Perhaps cause they don't have a 360? I play RDR on PS3 and I don't have a problem with graphics.

DSco43043d ago

If u have only one system it doesn't matter. If u have both, it depends if u like the "crispy" look of the 360 or the "blurry" look of the PS3

bjornbear3043d ago

and I guess most people in the WORLD only have one console

so neotom's point stands

if you have one console (which most people have) who the hell cares? this isn't about quality of the game

its about quality of a console and who prefers which console.

rockleex3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

Graphics are the least we have to worry about.

Btw, does anyone know if you can no longer get the Red Dead Rockstar Trophy/Achievement after June?

HolyOrangeCows3043d ago

NO teh shortages are teh excusors!

Stupid xbox fanboys.

TotalPS3Fanboy3043d ago

Maybe because because they don't want to risk RRoD-ing their 360?

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Lionsguard3043d ago

I think it really depends on your TV as well. I have a 2 year old Samsung LCD and it looks blurry and washed out but on my friend's new LG LD650, it looks absolutely amazing, its crisp, the colors really pop out, its not at all blurry and it makes the game look like a ps2 game on my TV.

HarryM3043d ago

I've looked at Amazon and the PS3 version is still in stock. It's the Xbox 360 version that's sold out and will get more stock on May 3rd..

lodossrage3043d ago

they're BOTH in stock for what they show. And I just bought a ps3 copy a moment ago

HarryM3043d ago

That's interesting, and I was referring to Amazon UK. :)

Venatus-Deus3043d ago

Yes it is... What are you talking about.

Its on Amazon UK right now

ChronoJoe3043d ago

Didn't ship enough copies of the PS3 version. Only D1 sales were sourced. When I bought it they only had one PS3 copy left, but tonnes of 360 and said that they didn't get enough copies, expecting more later in the week.

Da_Evil_Monkey3043d ago

Im sorry but you must have mistaken you're opinion as fact, There are 3 differences between the Xbox version and PS3 version.

1. PS3 version has a lower resolution, but to be honest I play the PS3 version and it looks a lot better than most games at 720p so I don't think it makes a lot of difference;

2. PS3 version has Exclusive content, I beleive it's an extra hideout and outfit but correct me if i'm wrong;

3. PS3 version has mandatory 600MB install, but thats not really a problem, Fallout 3 takes up 6GB

So really both version are equal, please keep your fanboy opinion to yourself.

SDF Repellent3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

"So, we're just left with the matter of the final recommendation. We've demonstrated conclusively that the Xbox 360 version of Red Dead Redemption possesses higher resolution, improved levels of detail, noticeably superior performance in-game and fewer jaggies owing to a more consistently applied anti-aliasing solution that doesn't blur the image. Shadows are generally sharper, and of better quality (particularly on the characters' self-shadows)."

stonecold13043d ago

who cares ps3 gets agent the xbox 360 wont be seeing it and wont be holding the ps3 back

waltercross3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

Who cares? if you have both systems fine, but who will buy a 360 just because RDR Looks better on it? besides, I thought Graphics and textures don't matter? everytime a PS3 exclusive hits all I see is "It's not about graphics but gameplay" and now It's about Graphics? make up your minds! your confusing me.

Besides, GOW3 will eat RDR up graphically anyways, I just got GOW3, It's off the hook!.

Dance3043d ago

didnt ship enough copies of the PS3 version in the first place

bjornbear3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

really? go feed the chickens Ed and quit drinking that petrol

you can't do research from viable sources to save your life

got to love 360 owners DYING to damage control this =P

"bu-bu its inferiorz! =( it should be better on MY toy"


iistuii3043d ago

The technical analysis is pretty conclusive: if you've got the choice of buying the game for either console, Xbox 360 is the version of Red Dead you should buy....whats your problem with that ?. ive got both consoles and so always enjoy the best versions. I can only imagine the shit the 360 owners would have got if it was the other way round.

SDF Repellent3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

The very liable is gone so there goes some viable source for liable comparison. LOL

Just because X360 won like straight 25 rounds of face-off on Eurogamer, now they are not liable, LOL.

You know you are doing fine when the diagrees are loaded.

DAMN 12 YEAR OLD KIDS, START MAKING SENSE, you might get a GED someday from SDF HIGH.

Gotta love N4G.

vhero3043d ago

You lose a bubble for linking to eurogamer..

ChronoJoe3043d ago

And another one... sourcing Eurogamer lol

Anywho I went with the PS3 version because of the extra content. It's my preference. Well that and that I much prefer my PS3 controller to 360 for Rockstars titles, what with the LB and RB buttons feeling cheap on 360.

solidjun53043d ago

Where idiots like SDF Repellent deride trolls but at the same time completely act like one.

Ravage273043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

lol where were you hiding when the 360 gets a sub-HD version of FF13?

You bots must have selective memories - Alan Wake, SC:C and FF13 , 3 sub-HD games in a space of a few months and you guys still wanna start an argument over resolution???

"Just because X360 won like straight 25 rounds of face-off on Eurogamer, now they are not liable,"

You deserve to get bubble-raped for spreading misinformation

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coldfoot3043d ago

Germany isn't much into 360, or consoles. Most are probably holding out for the superior PC version that will come out in a while, just like GTA4.

Marty83703043d ago

Europe in general isn't into Crapbox.

HarryM3043d ago

That's a bold statement..

Orion3043d ago

I'm European, I can confirm that... USA is Microsoft land, the rest of the world is more into the PlayStation brand...

XDF3043d ago

Because in the UK, Red Dead Redemption is selling like Hot Cakes for the X360 with like 65% of the the total sale.

I guess UK does not count as part of Europe.

cwir3043d ago

That is funny because on Friday and Saturday I couldn't get PS3 version anywhere. Found like last few copies in a GameStation miles away (all that because my preorder hasn't arrived on time). And the shelves were full of X360 versions everywhere..

It's a bit weird.. You would think that UK prefers X360, from sales figures or when you enter any given GAME store or similiar (most of them packed with X360 games and a smaller PS3 corner). But out of all my friends here there's like one or two Xbox owners and like 30 or more who have PS3... I guess I hang out with people with similiar taste :P

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-GametimeUK-3043d ago

Well I went to GAME and picked up RDR and there was around 6 copies left in the store. Looks like it is selling nicely on the PS3.

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