15 Things that EA should Incorporate in FIFA 11

gameguru writes:

We have a few things in mind that we would love to see in a football simulation video game to bring the virtual footballing experience alive with all the excitement, anguish and last-minute heartbreak that make football everything it has turned into over the years. So let us begin.

1. Referee:

First up, in order to make a football video game more realistic, the referee, who is an integral part of the game, needs some revamping. Here’s what we think needs to be done with referee AI in order to give a deeper, more gratifying, and at times more frustrating, albeit more true to life, experience.

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vhero3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

They should stop FIFA games altogether and just charge you a nominal fee for team updates. It would save them millions in development costs and it would be cheaper for the consumer but of course they rip off the consumer with FIFA as its basically the same game with improvements so in reality it doesn't really cost millions to make and they make so much money off selling full priced games.. All sports games should just have update-able rosters each year via DLC. New features could also be added this way easily enough..

1 Feature though if I have to pick one is make it more realistic by once or twice the linesman getting offside wrong if its close. Being a game it gets it right 100% of the time in real life that doesn't happen. Frustrating I know but come on... Make it realistic.