The Story of Killzone 3 (According to History)

RevoltTechnology Writes:

Now, its pretty obvious that the story of the Killzone series is largely, if not entirely, based off of the history of both World Wars. In fact, it is fairly interesting to see how closely related both stories are. This relationship also translates into the story of the upcoming Killzone 3

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RatFuker2977d ago

n4g needs more stories as good as this.

Alcohog2977d ago

That was horrible. Why the hell did I just read that?

trounbyfire2977d ago

it was more his voice and how crazy good the KZ2 intro is.
going to be sad not hearing Brian Cox in KZ but Visari wasn't pushed as a bad guy in the game really KZ2 was pretty much on sev all the time which i like

Mc Fadge2977d ago

Check out this link:

It's long, but it's one hell of a story - much better than what was actually delivered. It makes you look at the ISA and Helghast in a whole 'nother light. Great read.

ExcelKnight2977d ago

It's actually an amazing backstory. It also inverts the roles of who's ultimately the bad guy in the end.

Al Bundy2977d ago

Remember this guys, Uncharted 1 was great but had a few flaws and they Naughty Dog crafted Uncharted 2 and fixed all of the flaws from the original and showed how a sequel should be done. Uncharted 2 is as close to perfect as any game has ever gotten in my opinion. I expect the same jump in Killzone 3 from Killzone 2.

mal_tez922977d ago

I liked Uncharted 1 more, it's actually my favourite game

But Uncharted 2 is definitely my second favourite game

trounbyfire2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

the UNA should show up towards the end of KZ3 with green helmet like WE GOT THIS. helghas says what, oh thats right your dead that would be great. blue green vs red.

never knew killzone was based on history but the "GAME" story makes no hint to germany. i read it all on and vectapidea. not surprised though

pixelsword2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

That's "UCA" but yeah, I expect by this point Earth and the ISCA should make an appearance.

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The story is too old to be commented.