Hamill: Arkham Asylum 2 is Joker's Last Hurrah

ign writes: Batman's super villain is going out on a high note says actor.

Mark Hamill – the voice of Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum – has hinted that the super villain's appearance in the sequel could well be his last. Talking exclusively with IGN at the Cannes Film Festival, Hamill said of his role of the Joker, "This will be my last, there's no question about that. But it's the last hurrah."

Hamill added that he was also unsure as to whether he should even have appeared at all, initially thinking developer Rocksteady would be unable to top the original game and that he "wanted to be able to say I'd gone out on a high note," but was finally convinced to resurrect Joker once more.

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unrealgamer583121d ago

You know hamill never really was given the credit he deserved, Just like every actor that played In Star Wars (Excluding Harrison Ford)

He's an insanely talented actor, I hope that his upcoming project really shines the spotlight on him because he deserves It.

Imperator3120d ago

Yep. Unfortunately they were mostly typecast. In fact, were it not for Indiana Jones, Harrison would have ended up the same.

SOAD3120d ago

I always thought of Indiana Jones as Han Solo with a hat and whip. Great characters, though.

Bobbykotickrulesz3120d ago

AA was an excellent game.

If I'm not mistaken, a vast majority of the voice actors on AA are from Batman: The animated series. LOVED THAT SHOW! YESSSSSSSSS CHILDHOOD MEMORIES!!

SG-173120d ago

Yes, both Batman and Harley Quinn are voiced by Kevin Conroy and Arleen Sorkin respectively.

DarkSpawnClone3118d ago

no cartoon now, can ever live up to Batman:TAS its my favorite cartoon lol the voice acting is "OMG!!!Awesome!!" even the movies cant live up to Batman:TAS in my books,best cartoon ever! the late 80's and 90's had the best cartoons imo! the new batman cartoons suck and are WAY too kiddish i was really disappointing with them! batman:aa was Wicked it was like playing batman:Tas lol

cyborg69713120d ago

Love hamill as the joker. Still watch once a week sunday night 1am cst on disney xd. So glad to find it on the tube again.

SaiyanFury3120d ago

It sucks that he won't be doing anymore parts. I agree Hamill didn't get better than he did, but he found his niche in voice acting. A lot of actors do these days. I was like 12 years old when Mark Hamill started as the voice of the Joker on Batman the Animated Series. I remember hearing the Joker and when I read the voice credits at the end of the show, I was like, "f--king rights! Luke Skywalker is the voice of the Joker!". God knows he has voiced the part better than any other in history. I was ecstatic when I read that Rocksteady had cast him in the role in Arkham Asylum. Shyte, they even got Kevin Conroy (the only voice of Batman for me) as well as Arleen Sorkin, the original Harley Quinn. Rocksteady rocks for their casting. I sincerely hope these people continue their wonderful presence in these games. I grew up on the animated series and loved every minute of it. Warner Brothers rocks for TAS. Good on the voice actors for reprising their roles from when I was a kid. They truly rule!

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TrailerParkSupervisr3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

This guy does not need the money or exposure. If he was done and they convinced him to do a sequel, then holy crap it must be insane. I am officially stoked as hell for this game.

Forget cowbell, MORE SCARECROW!

SaiyanFury3119d ago

Hehe, another follower of TPB. Good to see, I'll give you a bubble for that. :)

Remmulak3120d ago

His voice work is amazing. Glad he will be back in the second one.

akiraburn3120d ago

I really hope he reconsiders this. Whenever it comes to seeing the Joker in any way aside from the actual Batman movies, the only voice that fits the Joker is Mark Hamill's version. He is definitely one of my favorite voice actors, along with Cam Clarke, Nolan North, Steven Blum, and of course David Hayter.

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