Blizzard Recession-Proof?

While other publishers re-schedule launch dates to account for the recession, Blizzard does the opposite, and simply releases a game "as soon as [it] realistically can."

General ScreenshotTalking to Frank Pearce, VP of game design, has learned that Blizzard is not fazed by the economic climate.

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SCFreelancer2831d ago

Delaying titles more then they already do would be more painful then releasing when ready I think.

Leord2831d ago

Well, they have a pretty rabid fan base :)

Double Toasted2831d ago

When you're selling $25 horse armor like hot cakes then of course you're recession proof.

AC130-Gunship2831d ago

I believe the same "Recession-Proof" comment was made about the call of duty franchise. Activision appears to have a knack for snuffing out the magic of what makes these games great.

Montrealien2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

yet call of duty sells millions, without the magic. I guess the real question is. Is Magic needed for a title to sell, and receive great reviews?

Leord2831d ago

Hehe, Frank PEarce is so cool :)

Cogo2831d ago

Well, not surprised they are stable, but it's a cool, cocky attitude as well! :)

Djorgo2831d ago

It's a very down-to-earth attitude to just wait for gamers to have money rather than shuffling release dates around...

Malfurion2831d ago

Blizzard has the eternal cash cow, WoW. Why be fazed? :P

Bandreus2831d ago

Every game Blizzard rolls out is a cash cow. Even DII is still selling these days. And of course WoW just ends up being the largest of those Cows

Montrealien2831d ago

Cows? Blizzard and Cows? oh the Irony. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.