Five reasons why Project Natal won't be priced at $149

Yesterday Edge reported that a ‘trusted source’ revealed to them that Microsoft’s Project Natal will be priced at $149. This took us ‘all by surprise’ but it is certainly by no means confirmed. Reflecting on things we are pretty sure that this price-point doesn’t add up and if it did, then MS would be committing market suicide. So keep reading to see why we’re going to have to debunk this ‘trusted source’ and Edge.

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DelbertGrady3124d ago

It would be smart marketing by MS to spread rumors about a $149 pricepoint and then announce a cheaper price for it at E3. Not sure if they are that smart though. $149 sounds too expensive to me. I certainly would'nt pay that much for it.

The article brings up some good points and I find it questionable that Natal, which is 1 product, would retail for more than Move which is 3, a camera, a controller and a sub-controller(if included?). Judging by the amount of parts one would assume that Natal would be cheaper to produce and therefore also retail at a lower price.

Double Toasted3124d ago

I say drop the price of the 360 by $50 and sell Natal at that price bundled...WIN

Christopher3124d ago

While I completely agree with you on the multiple parts elements, Soda, the technology used in Natal is definitely more expensive. As a standalone device, Natal at $150 could be a great price point if they're able to really show us how it can be used to enhance our general gaming experience in a worthwhile manner. Especially considering it would be one flat price for the ability for up to 4 people to play at once compared to Move's need to buy additional controllers for multiple people and it may be even for just one person where you require two of the wands for certain games (the one street boxing game).

If Natal comes in under $100, there won't be any question as to whether the price is too much or not as long as they deliver on some exciting games for just the device and not necessarily needing to integrate the technology into hardcore games.

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Inside_out3124d ago

$300 bundle with game sounds right to me...E3 will make Natal a must buy this holiday season...

Look at the features...nothing like it on the's in competition with it's self...Sony Move is an upgraded Wii...No matter what they say or show...Wii has that market covered...shooters, sports...table top games...Sony has a big hill to climb to convince families that have a Wii to buy a PS3 with Move...not impossible but it'll be tough....The whole 3D thing will freak that market out...buying a new TV is not on the to do list...PLUS the $10 a month thing will sink, no matter the features...people will here nothing but cash registers going off in there head when Sony

simplyRealistic183124d ago

the playstation eye can do basically all the stuff natal can, and they can release an update to do more, sound like you just hate sony, ecause your saying the PSN+ will fail without any detail and yet i bet you pay for xboxlive

Reibooi3124d ago

The guy says we can call bull on EDGE's source. I don't think we can. Think about it this way. MS is treating this as their next console launch. The normal cycle would normally have us seeing a new console now. This being the case MS would want to charge more so they are also gaining console like profits for it since they won't be launching a new console for awhile.

People also have to keep in mind that this is MS. They over price every accessory they sell. People say that casual fans won't pay this price. Why not? They pay that every day for stuff like Guitar Hero and Rock Band and those are single games. What makes people think they won't buy something like Natal at that price when they know it will be for more then 1 game?

Look I'm not saying it's gonna be 149 but I am saying it's not as far fetched as some are trying to make it seem.

ceedubya93124d ago

And that is what's so disturbing about it. Their accessories can be pretty pricey. And that is why many people are starting to believe this rumor. If Microsoft really want to get this to the masses, then a 150 dollar price tag is probably not the way to do it.

They may be about to bundle it with a console and sell the total package at an okay price, but they can't really expect current owners to jump on board and shell out that kind of cash on an add-on.

If they truly want people to buy this, then they need to make it affordable enough for impulse buys as well as have compelling software. I think it needs to be under 100 at launch or they are just setting themselves up for failure.

edgeofblade3124d ago

An interesting theory, Mr. Pop. I don't think it's unlikely. Controlling sticker shock is one of the most important considerations, and I think it's the number one reason the PS3 got off to a rocky start. Imagine if they had high-balled the price in rumors with talk about how much the components actually cost, and then launched at the original prices, we would have seen a faster adoption.

Maybe they did and I missed it.

pixelsword3123d ago

The 360' HDD is very expensive, despite the fact that there are other brands that could be used, did MS drop the price? No; MS merely eliminated competition from their brand. I can see how Natal, which also has no competition on it's hardware, could also be expensive.

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Nathan Drake23124d ago

of course it will not cost 150. they're doing the same just like apple did with iphone.

e-p-ayeaH3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

enought reasons?

Captain Tuttle3124d ago

You come up with that all by yourself? Brilliant.

edhe3124d ago

Wonder if he made up $ony too.

You know.. the company that's well known for overcharging on everything it sells, deliberately fragmenting media markets to inconvenience users and declaring that having mixtapes of your purchased music is illegal.


palaeomerus3124d ago

That's not a reason, it's a slogan. And it's a dumb meaningless slogan at that. 'Grats.

divideby03124d ago

even MS knows it will be a failure at that price point

Syronicus3124d ago

Get over it. Once again the great white hope dies...

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