What Happens When Four Kotaku Readers Attend A Secret PlayStation Event?

They get to spend an evening in a swank Sydney beachside house, drink beer and check out a whole bunch of unreleased PlayStation gear. That’s what happens.

Last week, Sony invited four Kotaku readers (and a friend each) to an exclusive PlayStation event in Sydney eastern suburbs. The same day Sony had announced its PlayStation Video Store at the very same house, pictured (although it definitely wasn’t that sunny on the day).

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Gun_Senshi2797d ago

Nothing, because no one cares.

CellularDivision2797d ago

Yet, you still have enough care in you to comment.

FOXDIE2797d ago

hahahahha :D

Apperantly one of them said: you cant waggle
the other said: its like the wii, you can waggle

just shows how serious this article was!

sxpacks2797d ago

First article i came across where there were "meh" about the move.

But from all the rest, the controller feels solid

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