Ubisoft DRM is 'a good strategy' - Namco

CVG: It's better to do something than nothing at all, says Namco Bandai VP

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Squall50053121d ago

Good choice of image. So true

chak_3121d ago

do good games namco, then you'll talk

kesvalk3121d ago

yeah, cuz a bad DRM will mkae the tales series sales go up... yeah right...

stop making crappy RPGs with childish story...

kraze073121d ago

DRM is never a good strategy.

Ironfungus3120d ago

DRM has only been infuriating for the actual legal customers. Pirates do not have to put up with it AT ALL. They will find a way to crack it, and fast. It WILL happen. DRM is COMPLETELY POINTLESS!

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