Nintendo is losing more publishers to the iPhone

While more and more Publishers decide to re-release their old Nintendo DS games on iPhone some questions arise: "What do gamers want? Do they care about the platform if the price of games are way cheaper?"

With more and more DS games like Phoenix Wright, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Giana Sisters, Worms, Crazy Mashines or the Asphalt Racing Series coming out on the iPhone and iPod touch Nintendo is losing more and more publishers to the Apple systems. How will Nintendo react in the future and will new features of the Nintendo 3DS help to win back the publishers loyalty?

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GWAVE3120d ago

And iPhone is losing developers to Google Droid.

SpoonyRedMage3119d ago

and to the DS actually. Zenonia, which was considered a killer app, has just been released on DSiware.

Lots of iphone games have been released on Minis as well or so I've heard.

portablegaming3120d ago

It is an interesting development and both markets are kind of flooded so even the big publishers like Cacpom or Take 2 try to get their money, as easy a possible on different platforms.

tunaks13120d ago

i honestly hate the developing tools for the iPhone, i got the sdk and xcode all up and running but programming for the iPhones a mess. You MUST code in objective c, and you have to drag the components all over the code. Its a real mess. I hope Adobe and Apple can come to an agreement, I would much rather program in AS3

matey3119d ago

Nintendo gives developers the cheapest development oppotunities and they dont take advantage why didnt EA re-release some of there N64 titles and rework them like Mario 64x4 on ds its as graphically nice as any psp game and runs at 60fps so power isnt an issue neither is money so there can only be 1 thing devs are fanboys favouring sony ect because all devs have N64 devkits u can make a decent game on that and port it over ect so make original games and port them like the RE PSone to Nds port ect more can be done with DS/DSI,Nintendo should have systems where strict proccesses only allow ultra top notch games to go to retail no cheap developed games on wii2/ds2 please wow ninty could have systems where only 1st party/In house games get published or 3rd party/In house games,Ninty dont need them crappy Publishers that are moving to iphone because they will be begging for rights to develop on 3DS when the games sell millions

Subzero200x3119d ago

i phone isn't a handheld retards it's a media center.