Gears of War 3 new screenshots

Eurogamer Portugal published three new screenshots from Gears of War 3.

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diefor3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Great. The game is looking fantastic.

Dread3121d ago

this is amazing

look at all your disagrees
how can anyone not at least recognize that these look great.

WhittO3121d ago

They look good, but they also look 'touched-up'

bloop3121d ago

They do look great, but they're definitely touched up. Either way, it'll still look great. Btw, has anyone played Gears 2 since the latest update?? Epic have finally sorted out the lag, YAY!!!

Gigalol3121d ago

OMG....this graphics is outstanding!

dirthurts3121d ago

This must be well into the future after Gears 2.
I still want to see emergence day.

MerkinMax3121d ago

In other pictures he has his normal brown hair.

dirthurts3121d ago

Certainly could be lighting. Or maybe the game spans many years. We shall see. : )

likedamaster3121d ago

Hello? The whole seen is in ashes.

Kingdom Come3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Roll On E3 2010!
Keep up the great work Epic!
Oh and guy's keep an eye on the Game Informer Gears of War 3 HUB, Cliffy and Rod announced on Twitter that they recently recorded a commentary for it...
Oh and the "Screenshots" are just production Varients of the Gameinformer Cover, as you can see on the HUB.

captain-obvious3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

bullshots or art work

cobpswii36003121d ago

Your actually impressed enough to call them fake?

Double Toasted3121d ago

Its obviously artwork. Anyway, Epic doesn't claim bullshots are real, like another developer we all know about.

8thnightvolley3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

dont be fooled.. its all in-game when has epic EVER put a pic of gears that was artwork.. not even once. all u see is the real game engine.

edit: u knw y u knw the unreal engine 3 is a beast after knwing that its the same engine that will be running "medal of honour" which by any standard is mighty impressive.

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The story is too old to be commented.