Limbo Heading To PS3 and PC

Looks like the esoteric downloadable platformer isn't exclusive to the 360, with an ESRB rating appearing this morning for the PC and PS3 versions.

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mjolliffe3071d ago

Awesome :) I'll still probably buy this on 360 though...

ironfist923071d ago

Young Alan Wake Gone 2D?

kingdavid3071d ago

Damn I thought it was limbo of the lost :(

MisterNiwa3071d ago

This game looks so ossim.

devilhunterx3071d ago

Another XB2 exclusive lost?

sinncross3071d ago

MS really need to up their 1at party library.
Sure they'll get the odd 3rd party exclusive, like Sony does, but 1st party at Sony has a lot of variety and quality going for it.

peeps3071d ago

it's only an arcade game, but i must say it's looking really interesting. was deffo gonna purchase this but now i have the option i'll prob get it on the platform offering it the cheapest or if they're all the same then the ps3 for trophies.

if the ps3/pc version isn't out for a while i'll get it for 360 though

Briefcase Joe3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Not that it was exclusive. It might have been. I just don't remember.

lochdoun3071d ago

It was NEVER an exclusive.
It was and STILL IS a TIMED exclusive.
It's coming to Xbox first and will be ported over later.
Nothing has changed.
It is still a timed exclusive for Xbox.
Sorry $ony fanboys.

A change in the wind3071d ago

Don`t be sorry. I get to play the most improved version with all of the kinks ironed out thanks to the 360 beta testers.

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jack_burt0n3071d ago

looks like that series of lbp levels from a while ago.

D4RkNIKON3071d ago

Yeah I favorited those levels. I loved how smokey, dull but color, and silhouetted they were. This game does look a lot like that. I might have to DL this if it is coming to PS3

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The story is too old to be commented.