Scant Details On Insomniac’s New Game

Renowned development studio, Insomniac Games is the buzz of the gaming industry now. After staying loyal to the PlayStation platforms for over 14yrs, it recently reached a deal with EA Partners that allows them to develop a multiplatform title.

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SpaceSquirrel3095d ago

Whatever it is, the new IP will be great.

Bobbykotickrulesz3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

To be honest, I don't even give a crap what their new game is.

Resistance 2 was a major disappointment in my opinion, and now that they're multiplatform for awhile, their games are only going to get worse. Gimped hardware and such.

Feel free to think I'm being a fanboy, but Resistance 2 wasn't shit compared to Killzone.

ironfist923094d ago

You contradict yourself, sir.

"Resistance 2 was a major disappointment in my opinion"

and then

"Resistance 2 wasn't shit compared to Killzone"

Bobbykotickrulesz3094d ago

How is that a contradiction?

Resistance 2 wasn't shit, meaning, it was terrible in comparison.

movements3095d ago

Indeed. It'll also make Insomniac Games a ton more cash if it's good rather than being exclusive.

Don't get me wrong. Sony treats its people great and pay generously but come on, over 40 million Xbox 360s are in the wild.

If the game is great, it could sell about 10 million or more. You never know.

FanOfGaming3094d ago

I support Insomniac because they are insanely creative developers and under-appreciated IMO. They deserve more fans then they have, any true Insomniac fan would support their move to multiplat for their unannounced title.

kaos_fish II3094d ago

Over 60Mil Wii's out in the wild too.. just saying.

Silly gameAr3094d ago

I honestly can't wait to know more about it.

THC CELL3094d ago

what ever it is will be great and make enough money for new ps3 exclusives

Gobot3094d ago

i hope the game isn't a first person shooter.
after R2, I don't want to play anymore of their games

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