Killzone 3 in 3D 'isn't a game changer' - Pachter

Not enough 3D TVs will be in the market for Killzone release, says analyst

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Apolloeye3063d ago

Has Pachter been right about anything so far...?

rockleex3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Introducing game changing 3D elements in games have nothing to do with how big the 3D market is for games.

We know PC gamers have been able to play games in 3D for awhile now, but very few of those games were built with 3D in mind.

Killzone 3 has the chance to utilize 3D in such a way that would change what we thought was possible.

But I hope Kojima utilizes Move + 3D + Headtracking in his next PS3 game. He's gonna tear down the Fourth Wall once and for all!! >:D

bobcostus3063d ago

"I don't think that 3D support is a huge game changer, as I don't think that a significant portion of the population will have 3D displays any time soon," Pachter said.

CVG always has flamebait titles to get more hits. His full comment makes alot of sense and I actually agree. I literally don't know anyone with a 3dtv IRL.

Regardless if you agree with everything Pachter says, he is right sometimes, and he is wrong sometimes. This is what an analyst does/is. They try to predict the market. This is no easy task, especially in the gaming market which is highly volatile in nature.

PLAYstar3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I know nothing much about a 3DTV, so I'm wondering if its possible to switch the 3D back into normal mode? Because if it can't, then it just ain't going to appeal me, or to others anytime soon. Whats going to happen to toddlers who wishes to watch TV? We couldn't just force them to wear that cyclops sh!t! And certainly not my dog, who catch his favorite animal planet everyday to wear that f*ck.. Heck if they don't wear them, soon in future they will be seeing multiplications!

nycredude3062d ago

All 3d Tv have normal modes.


Pachter is a retard and he never gets anything right. What he is predicting is common sense. 3d tv is a relatively new thing and sure not many will have it. What he can't seem to understand, is that Killzone 3 is not supposed to be a game changer. He has got it backwards. He thinks that they are doing 3d to to try to sell more Killzone 3 when in reality they are making Killzone 3 and many other games in 3d to push the 3d platform. I could do his job in my sleep.

Joni-Ice3062d ago

So tired of hearing your comments. Just retire already.

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GrieverSoul3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

This guy aint here for making "right" predictions. He is in it for the publicity! He is selling his image and look what that got him:
-Free games from publishers
-Own GT show
-Publicity for his company (wedbush)
-Interviews from various sites

About the article: Well, 3 years ago bluray wasnt needed for games! Look how that turned out!!! :P

Nike3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

If I remember correctly, Pachter said Insomniac was nuts for not going multi-platform (therefore implying that they should and will go that route).

And lo and behold, they did, even revealing that they'd had their eye on other platforms for years.

Just saying that sometimes, even his opinions turn out to be correct.

@Shazly: Bubbles up for sharing your opinion without fear, buddy.

Edit: Found the full quote. Reads more like an opinion of his than a prediction.

"A publisher would be foolish to sign an exclusive deal. A developer could do it. I've told the Insomniac guys repeatedly. They don't own the Ratchet & Clank IP or the Resistance IP but they're such good developers. I'm like, 'Why aren't you guys doing multi-platform? Your games would sell.' As if those guys couldn't create something - of course they could. It's not like Sony came up with the art and graphics on Ratchet & Clank. The Insomniac guys are nuts not to do multi-platform. But they like their deal with Sony, so they'll keep doing exclusives."

And they are still doing exclusives for Sony, but his comment about them being "nuts" for not doing multi-platform could be interpreted more as stating the obvious. Which dev wouldn't make more money from doing multi-platform AND having the same exclusives with a strong market audience?

morganfell3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

He didn't say they would go multi-plat, he said they were nuts for not doing so.

That doesn't make him right since he didn't predict anything. That simply means that he should no longer think they are nuts.

And for Pachter to respond that KZ3 isn't a game changer in the manner in which Guerrilla meant it - it changes the way you experience the game - then Pachter would have needed to actually play KZ3 in 3D. He hasn't.

The guy is an absolute imbecile and I believe absolutely clueless as to how he is perceived by most gamers.

Hanif-8763063d ago

Think about it Pachter is always right? If you wanna know whats right when Pachter makes his predictions just think the opposite. lol

thor3063d ago

A broken watch is right twice a day...

nycredude3062d ago

Who didn't see Insomniac going multi coming. Their games, although awesome as hell don't sell as much as some other big name franchise and they never get the respect and attention they deserve. Also Sony themselves has been saying that the it is the end of third party exclusives. I bet that Sony knew about Insomniac's direction way before anyone else knew.

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Shazly3063d ago

I know that guy has never been right and we all fking hate him .. but well he's kinda right about this one. feel free to "Disagree" me :]

Hanif-8763063d ago

I'm pretty sure my 5 year old niece could be a better analyst than Pachter. I've never seen anyone so freaking delusional in my entire life.

Nike3063d ago

Hitler? Osama? Castro? Bush? Kim Jong Il? Narendra Modi? The Communists? Extremists? They're less delusional than Pachter?

You must not have lived a very long life then.

Bobbykotickrulesz3063d ago

Hey Nike, add Obama to that list.

Bobbykotickrulesz3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

And add my name to the list as well. :D

DaTruth3063d ago

Killzone 3 in 3D a game changer... Confirmed!!!

sikbeta3063d ago

Pachter, do us a Favor and SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!

Ah... It doesn't matter anyways, this dude is WRONG 99.9% of The Time, So, NOW We Know that KZ3 Will Be so Epic...

Inside_out3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Next machines coming out in 2012...Sony throwing all there eggs in one usual...It's an expensive basket...Truth hurts...

Sounds like Sonys big E3 announcements will revolve around money...and how it's gonna cost you more to game with Sony...C'mon now...$10 a month...geeez...from free to $10...that's crazy regardless of features...The Sony Move...looks exactly like the Wii...I guess it'll come with a Move sports game...3D gaming...That means a WHOLE NEW TV doesn't've seen this before...How are they gonna convince families to spend all that money...This could turn into a nightmare for Sony...

Pachter is a bloodhound...follows the blood trail...Sony's been Hemorrhaging this whole gen...shareholders know it...Pachter knows it...Pointing out the obvious...Fan boys in denial, as usual....

boodybandit3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Sony will focus on money for E3? That is a real eye roller considering the path MS went this generation. They charge you for everything and OVER charge you at that.

Then again isn't "money" the main reason to be in business?

boodybandit3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )


How or why would he give the opinion of how games, devices or upgrades in gaming will play out when he doesn't play video games? Pachter stick to sales numbers and leave gaming to the GAMERS!

I am more intrigued with 3D gaming then I am motion controls from MS and Sony. If I have no clue if I (a 30+ year gamer) will enjoy it or not? How in the hell would some boring analyst know? He doesn't!

SWORDF1SH3062d ago

Somebody with common sense.

Seriously though Pachter does not do a good job.

He doesn't seem to understand the Computer Entertainment buisness.

If Sony don't give you a reason to buy 3D then people won't buy 3D. Sony know that the 3D market is basically non existent but the will give you a reason to buy 3D.

Pachter only gets the obvious right which the average gamer could predict themselves. Sometime Pachter even gets the obvious wrong, remember when he said that Sony could cut out the Blu Ray to make their console cheaper when the PS3 had already sold over 10 million and already had a big catalogue of Blu Ray games.

Now whats wrong with that statement??

Hotel_Moscow3062d ago

hey hey pachter predicts the future take what he says do the opposite and the chances of being wrong are reversed from 99 percent to being right 99 percent of the time

TruthBTold3062d ago

I want to get paid to "predict" obvious crap too.

BattleAxe3062d ago

I'm not sure why this guy hasn't gotten a job with Microsoft yet. If it were Halo in 3D it would be: Pachter - "3D HALO to change the industry".

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Stuart57563063d ago

Sick of this prick, he's always making a fool of himself, he said Red Dead Redemption would fail, I bet most gamers could do his job better than him.

palaeomerus3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

No, it turns out that most gamers are only capable of losing their #@#$, responding to horrible articles, that they didn't actually read, in the N4g comments section.

Judging by the comments here, most gamers couldn't even get a job as one of his research assistants.

sid4gamerfreak3063d ago

NOOOOOOOOO Stop Pachter!!!!!!!!!!!

Think about your job, your reputation!!! - advice from a wise old man

Briefcase Joe3063d ago

What ever he says, reverse it. LOL. He's so dumb it's comical.

ExgamerLegends23063d ago

I dont think alot of 3D tvs will be out either. Title tries to make it sound like he's bashing KZ3. You win this round Pach.....but I'm watching you.