Console Monster: Skate 3 Review

Console Monster writes: "Remember when the Tony Hawk games were good? Seems a long time ago, right? Whilst Tony Hawk games were getting progressively more gimmicky/worse, EA brought freshness to the skating platform, much needed since the arcadey fun of the Tony Hawk series had been chipped away. Skate brought with it more realistic physics, an entire city to skate and a fantastic control scheme which instantly made me love the series.

In true EA style, they have tried to release a new version every year, with new improvements each time. Usually, yearly instalments can be the death of a series but, with so much to do in Skate, it has a long way to go before it'll be heading to the grave. Very little has changed from the Skate formula but a bevy of new stuff has been added, so there's plenty here to satisfy those with a taste for the virtual grinding (and not the kind found on dubious internet sites!)..."

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