PS3: New Sixaxis Controller Will Have More Than Just Rumble

Sony's upcoming controller revision for PS3 will add more than just rumble, according to PlayStation's top boss.

Kikizo has learned that the second-generation PlayStation 3 controller is in the works is set to offer more than just rumble feedback - the feature sorely missing from the existing motion-sensing Sixaxis controller, currently bundled with the machine.

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nice_cuppa3834d ago

a cup holder !

yay !

i think Sony should get the new pad out and stop with the secrets.
its only a pad.
is it really a big deal ?

as long as i can play games i'm happy.

redsymphony3834d ago

Just give us da damn pad already what else can the pad now do can it turn my tv on and off.......

Kratosnake3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

probably... universal controller? hehe

They can't add something to big tho, because they'd be alienating all the existing owners.

mrk013834d ago

It's like your appendix, it was useful, but evolution has deemed it unecessary, at least barely used.

Lord Anubis3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Kaz was a great choice for Chief excutive officer.

Anywho. the PlayStation controllers are the only controllers on the market with pressure sensitive buttons. I do hope they continue with those small details and add more than rumble.

regarding Ken
"He's working on some of his dreams. I'm keeping a close eye on him, because he has some great ideas which I know are going to be the next big thing."

egyptian_diarrhea3834d ago

the triggers of the xbox 360 are also pressure sensitive... not the buttons though.

DrRage773834d ago

well, not entirely true since the triggers on the xbox360 controllers are touch sensitive, along with the analog joysticks...the regular 4 buttons and shoulder buttons are the only ones on the 360 that aren't touch sensitive (i am assuming you are meaning that the more you push it, the more response you get in a game such as running as opposed to walking, etc.)

copshop3834d ago

i hope its a laser pointer to blind your friends

Merovee3834d ago

That would be useful for CAC.

AznSniper3834d ago

They are adding "touch sense".