To Natal or Not to Natal in October for $150?

PC World: Microsoft's Xbox 360 motion-control upgrade, Project Natal, will ship this October for a surprisingly steep $150. That's if you believe Edge, which claims a "trusted source" offered the tip that spawned the story that launched another speculative media pile-on.

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LoVeRSaMa2891d ago

..that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles And, by opposing, end them.


FanboysWillHateMe2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I liked what I saw in this video, which is a year ago. Hopefully they'll have improved on it even more for this year's E3.

Anyone who expected this to be the price of a game is very naive.

All you cowards disagreeing, why don't you just go away and focus on your Move articles? Stop stressing about Natal and worry about something that actually matters to you.

shoddy2891d ago

so big they don't even have room to show you all the Natal games.
when you do $150 will seem cheap.

- Ghost of Sparta -2891d ago

@ shoddy: So big they keep showing the same game. Quit trying to justify the $150 price tag with pathetic excuses.

beardpapa2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

$150 will seem cheap? It's not like they're packing all those announced games with the camera for free, probably like 2-4. You still gotta buy the rest of that 'huge' list. That is... if you want to buy the rest of that.

HammockGames2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Natal could be cool, but I need to see some high quality games with some substance to them before I open my wallet. Especially at that price tag.

Same goes for Sony and Move (although I believe Move is to be substantially cheaper, no?).

If I hear the term "waggle" associated with either of them, well, you can count me the F out.

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SixZeroFour2891d ago

i wouldve THOUGHT about buying it just for family and having fun if it was half this price...but definitely sure im not getting this if this is the price

MiamiACR2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

If I have the money and reviews are good and it performs up to a somewhat high standard as far as this technology goes then I don't see why not.

@Dissagree's: I'm sorry was I supposed to say I will absolutely under no circumstances will NOT be buying this product? Of course not I'm not a tool (Like most mainly on this site) we will all have to wait and see if the final product lives up to at least some of the hype, and as we all know natal will....oh wait that's right we pretty much don't know anything about it when it comes to games.

Briefcase Joe2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

"If I have the money and reviews are good and it performs up to a somewhat high standard as far as this technology goes then I don't see why not."

Meaning they won't spend the money, even if the reviews are good.

Why do so many people on this site edit their comments to say they got disagrees? I see that you have disagrees. I don't need you to tell me.

Anon19742891d ago

I do that to sometimes. I'll bring up a valid point or some fact and within a heartbeat someone will have disagreed while I have no idea what there was to disagree with. It's frustrating. If someone is going to take a second to disagree with you, you'd think they'd say why. It's like the equivalent of going to a townhall debate and shouting "I disagree" from the back and then leaving. If no one has a clue why you disagree, what purpose did you serve by shouting that out? No one is going to care.

Now, as for MiamiACR's comment, I disagree, although I'll tell you why before I simply jam the disagree button. For me, even if Natal gets decent reviews, performs up to snuff and I have the money I have plenty of reasons why I won't be buying one. The main one is I don't plan on jumping around my living room like a hyperactive tot in order to play my games. Navigating the Dashboard worked just fine with a button press, I don't need to wave my hands in the air. I've watched tonnes of videos on Natal and not one thing I've seen would I consider "fun". Mostly I simply watch the videos and read the news regarding Natal at this point because I'm somewhat mystified by what the appeal of this camera is, or who would purchase this product especially for $150.

Those are all reasons I would have for disagreeing with that statement, although I would hope that others would actually step up and explain why they disagree rather then simply pressing the disagree button.

iceman062890d ago

I will first say that I agree with your reasons for disagreeing. I will also say that the new comment structure kind of limits the length of a debate at this point. Not to say that this didn't happen BEFORE the new N4G changes. Just saying that, at this point, 3 comments does not a debate make. +Bubs for the comment...since we all need them...and because I often wonder about what was disagreeable in my comments as well. (though most often I think it's just a troll with a disagree fetish!*L*)

iamtehpwn2891d ago

...when they cut the price. $150 is madness. The device is most certainly intriguing...but The Move is more in my budget.

vhero2891d ago

MS never cut the price on accessories. Unless a better upgraded version comes out and there probably won't be one for NATAL so don't hold out on a price reduction.

Absolut_Turkey2891d ago

Would I spend $150 to flail around like a monkey on PCP just so I can play shovelware? The fact that this question is even being asked is really sad. The PS3 Slim is only $50 more and offers a gaming experience Natal will NEVER be able to.

hakis862891d ago

For that Price Natal better be amazing!!!:-S
Isn't the Move rumored to cost 60USD or something? That is a kit with the PSeye and 2 wands?
Move - better price, playability and accuracy?

Who will win..

benandlol2891d ago

Teh fanboys are disagree with your text. But to be honest. I already have a playstation eye, so it will be about the same cost as a game to me?

Skynetone2891d ago

id pay 500 with a big f++king smile on my face

we love you microshaft

sid4gamerfreak2891d ago

hmmm thats a hard question........


Inside_out2890d ago

Natal in competition with itself...Move is a Wii with HD...

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-Mezzo-2891d ago

I'd be happy to MOVE for 100$ or less rather than Nataling for 150 Bucks.


GAM3R7l2891d ago're only planning on playing by yourself then. That "$100" price that's rumored for Move, doesn't cover additional controllers. Natal works for UP TO 4 PEOPLE, right out of the box. :)

ShepardVasNormandy2891d ago

I hope the Xbox camera has a large enough viewing angle to fit those 4 people all on screen and in the living room jumping and moving around at once. Truth is you don't know what exactly "Natal" is capable of game to game as things are constantly changing. Not to mention not knowing how this motion control will be implemented into "hardcore" games like Sony and Socom 4.

trounbyfire2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

included is the PS eye that he forgot about which is like $30 to $40 and a game that will be around $40 to $50 and the MOve controller and nav. all for $100 that a great deal so everyone that all its a $100, you get it all. also they will have like seven different bundles so if you already have the Ps eye you can just buy the move. the price of move is actually pretty cheap like $30

GAM3R7l2890d ago

Son, you fail on SO many levels, it's sad ; ESPECIALLY at reading comprehension. :(

beardpapa2891d ago

People seem to forget that even if the move is cheaper, they're not forcing consumers to get extra wands. Remember what you guys always said? Choice? Options?

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tatotiburon2891d ago

if the only natal game this holidays is that dodgeball game i will give it a pass

C0MPUT3R2891d ago


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