New Red Dead Redemption Easter Egg - Mexican Zombie

SystemLink: "You've all seen the incredible donkey-lady. You've all seen the bloodthristy cougar-man. But we bet you 20,000 pesos you've never seen a Mexican Zombie."

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mjolliffe2703d ago

What will Rockstar come up with next :) Love it!

WetN00dle692703d ago

Ive yet to see any of these.

But then again im mostly hauling arse on my horse.
I guess its time for me to take a walk around New Austin and Mexico.

LordMarius2703d ago

I better not see that during the least it doesnt chase you

Unicron2703d ago

Are these Easter Eggs? Or bugs/glitches?

IrishAssa2703d ago

This one has to be an Easter egg. The others are probably glitches although I wouldn't be surprized if the were Easter eggs. The one with the dog that talks and carries a rifle is weird. The couger man is weird also.

Hideo_Kojima2702d ago

and the bird woman wth their all pretty funny glitch or not please keep them

XactGamer2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Donkey lady is an Easter egg for sure was reading about it over at the forums but cougar man is a gitch.

WetN00dle692703d ago

Yeah Both The Mexican Zombie and the Donkey Lady are Easter eggs.
The Cougar Man is nothing but a glitch since ive seen a video with a pack of Wolf Ladies running around.

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The story is too old to be commented.