Halo 3 SE Console is a standard Xbox 360 Premium

The final packaging for the Halo 3 Special Edition console has been released by Microsoft revealing details as to what's set to be included in the box.

Unfortunately the answer is not a lot, and the contents of the package seem near identical to what you'll find in a standard Xbox 360 Premium you can pick up in store today. The only real difference is the facial(the outside looks), technology wise it's the same. The special edition console does not include the 120GB hard-drive, that's on the Xbox 360 Elite...


There has been a error in the text, the console has an HDMI port.

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360Sheep4114d ago

does it at least come with the game??

xbox360elitegamer4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

it's separate, a piss off a!

copshop4114d ago

kinda a rip off but for everyone who doesnt have a 360 and is a halo fan this is cool

Mr Murda4113d ago

...Halo is an M rated game. Therefore, they wouldn't want to deny a minor to be able to buy a console by making it essentially and M rated console by packaging it with the game.

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PS360WII4114d ago

and yet it's going to sell well

Odion4114d ago

Jimmy you need to update the story they confirmed that their is a an HDMI port on it check the site again

DPAD Dave4114d ago

It's weird that says it's HDMI enabled but the packaging doesn't mention it anywhere. It doesn't even include the HDMI cable...

By the way I'm the original poster of the article at Totally 360!

tplarkin74114d ago

The Halo 360 has HDMI and a 20GB HD. My guess is that the premium model may have HDMI standard in the future.

TheXgamerLive4114d ago

Nobody here has the box it's only a picture , when a final box is produced as this isn't it, I'm sure it will say it.

The game should NOT be included with it, WHY? Because most true Halo fans have already pre-ordered it, so why pay for it twice?

Mr VideoGames4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )


360Sheep4114d ago

hahahahahaaha.. what a bunch of po dunk living rednecks... They didnt even take it out of the box.. hahahaha, 20 bucks says they filled the box with the 360 and are just ashamed of it. Poor guys, that 360 was their electricity bill for 6 months, no wait, they probably live off a generator and have well water, haha, i love hillbillys, funny people they are. Remember kids, the ps3 isnt for poor people

Frulond4114d ago

they take the console out in this one

assasshin4114d ago

it looks ugly. they shouldve made it like the HALO ZUNE.

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The story is too old to be commented.