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Worst Fighting Games on Consoles

GFB writes: "In the world of gaming, every genre has its stinkers. It’s unfortunate, but of course not every game can be good. There’s nothing worse than being excited about a new game, laying down the money at the store while the clerk smiles at you knowing you’re a fool. You get home and pop in the game only to get kicked in the teeth with unresponsive controls, rough graphics and sound that always seems out of place if it even works." (Culture, Def Jam: Icon, PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360)

RedPawn  +   1927d ago
Power Moves
Zero Divide
DonMattrick   1927d ago | Spam
Inside_out  +   1927d ago
I would say RDR on PS3...fighting those flying donkeys and chickens at 10 FPS is tough...
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1927d ago
They both have the same glitches though. :)

I have the PS3 version. Has anyone else with the PS3 version experienced literally NO framerate drop and/or screen tearing? I have yet to experience either...and I'm 15 hours into it.

Troll somewhere else.
Man In Black  +   1927d ago
The framerate's fine. The only noticeable drop for me was when everyone in the Armadillo saloon crammed through the door at once.
T9X69  +   1927d ago
Def Jam Icon an honorable mention? I actually had a lot of fun with that game
vgn24  +   1927d ago
I had DJ Icon and I remember the controls being pretty bad. I liked the concept though. Scratching to shake the level
unrealgamer58  +   1927d ago
awww shaq fu good times good times
VG_Releaser  +   1927d ago
cruel sarcasm, lol.
charlescox4  +   1927d ago
You could have listed every fighter from the Atari Jaguar, lol.
BeaArthur  +   1927d ago
Never been a big fighting game fan. They typically get old pretty quickly.
midgard227  +   1927d ago
they get old to people who 1) suck, 2) get mad because they suck and all they do is die, 3) dont have good competition.

how cud u dare play a shooter like COD and say it doesnt get old when all u do is shoot and camp??? why because its the competition u get, trying to see if ur skills are the best, seeing if u can adapt against any gun/ or incase of fighter (any character)

now if u play a crappy fighting game then yeah it gets old quick but me and my bros have played guilty gear x2 all the way till blazblue came outt, thats like 5 years or more and it never got old.

but to each his own
iamgoatman  +   1927d ago
Ok, calm down.

He just said he wasn't a fan.
midgard227  +   1927d ago
im not hyped lol. but he did say the get old quickly. not really directed at bearthur, just at people who call them and action games button mashers.

people who say that r typically the people who actually just button mash.

*not directing this to u beaArthur
MadMan00  +   1927d ago
So not true, they get boring to people that have DIFFERENT TASTE stop being stupid.

Fighting Games and COD both have the same concept, Fight/Shoot to win that's it...now are you being bias toward fighting games or are you really that stupid?
midgard227  +   1927d ago
lol u sound like i offended u.

to say they get boring fast is different than saying "I get bored fast"

its like me saying all sports games suck when i hate sports games. obviously people have their own opinion but when stating an opinion it should be stated that it is an opinion.

im bias against people who think fighting games are 1) the same, 2) button mashers, 3)skilless.

i ran into those people all the time when i worked at gamecrazy.
silvacrest  +   1927d ago
fighting games are pretty fun when playing with friends locally or online multiplayer but single player only get boring real fast
Quagmire  +   1927d ago
Tekken 6. So dissapointing. Was a big fan of franchise between Tekken 3 and 5. Theu better up their game and get back to roots in Tekken 7.
oobob  +   1926d ago
You mean one mistake to a 60% juggle + launcher combo with law isn't fun?
Quagmire  +   1926d ago
No, i mean getting gang-raped by Nancy and Azazel isnt fun
iamgoatman  +   1927d ago
I really liked Shaq Fu when I was a kid, the characters were quite interesting.

Just so long as you stayed well clear of the story mode, it was pretty damn fun.
kraze07  +   1927d ago
Had some fun with Shaq-fu and Masters of Teras Kasi. They may have been bad but when your a kid with no money and a very limited selection of games to play, those games tend to grow on you. Def Jam Icon wasn't all that bad either. It was no where near as good as Fight for NY, but I don't think it's bad enough to be an honorable mention.
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Brklynty1  +   1927d ago
Wtf? Def Jam Icon was bad?
It was a pretty solid game IMO. Tekken 6, now that's where I fell out of love with Tekke. God the things 360 does to franchises, don't deny it either! DMC4,RE5,FFXII,TKN6 all were freaking jokes. The only thing good about RE5, was Sheva, oh how we all loved staring at her *drool*
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kraze07  +   1927d ago
Sheva these days is what Lara Croft was to gaming back in the PS1 gen. I'd love to see another CGI Resident Evil movie released only this time with Sheva in it.
BannedForNineYears  +   1927d ago
Not saying SF 4 should be on this list, but the single player was just retarded. It was sooo short. And the last boss was just cheap. >_>
And there's even a cheap move YOU can do with Zangief, spamming......-thinking-...... Can't remember.......The L1 move......Where you spin around with your arms spread out,
iceman2885  +   1926d ago
Maybe I'm crazy...
But I loved Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi.

My friends and I killed a lot of time playing that game and always had a lot of fun doing it. The only real flaw was that some characters had game breaking moves (Jade's force power when the opponent was lying on the ground comes to mind), but we just agreed not to use them.

Regardless, I'm fairly certain this game doesn't belong with the rest of that list, or maybe I am crazy.
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