Gamesradar: 5 Locations We'd Love To Explore In Uncharted 3

Liked Uncharted 2's gorgeous (if overpopulated with weird Yeti men) snow environments? Of course you did. Well, there's potential good news for all those that love a bit of the digital powered stuff, because Uncharted 3 could feature a snow-covered Norwegian town according to a German website that's allegedly being run by Sony

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crematory2427d ago

plz make the story based on EGYPT

Lifendz2427d ago

Japan. Maybe have a level in Tokyo with tons of NPCs walking around.

Quagmire2427d ago

I'd like to explore elena and chloe, if you know what I mean. heh Heh, OH!

Mamajuana2427d ago

I would love to see Egypt and the middle east be the base of the next story. We already saw jungle environments, and snow, and catacombs, some sand and pyramids would be sweet.

lilizhuang2427d ago Show
xcroptic2427d ago

Iv got a feeling, that uncharted 3 might be an Open World game

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