Rumour: Ico and Shadow of the Colossus heading to Blu-ray in HD

VG247: ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are to be made into a collection, ala God of War Collection, VG247 can reveal.

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Kain812921d ago

i would buy it...

it would be better if they could Bundle it with The Last Guardian
like the GOW Trilogy

darkmurder2921d ago Show
GrieverSoul2921d ago

I hope this is true!!!

I will buy it in a heart beat!!

DaTruth2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I didn't buy the collection because I already owned both GoW's; I've played Ico but never owned it and I never knew SotC was Ico 2, so I never played it.

Can't wait for these two beautiful games in HD!

OffTopic: Any PS3 pricecut rumours? I have to buy a Slim, but I'll hold out if there are any announcement rumours for E3. When is E3?

rockleex2920d ago

Mainly because at $299 the PS3 is already selling like hotcakes.

Also, rumor is that Sony will be making profit with the newest revisions of the slims. They would like to keep it like that till the end of this generation.

That means the only times they will cut price from now on is when they can revise the PS3 enough to lower the price and still gain profit.

Or if their hand is forced by competitors... which is VERY unlikely.

DaTruth2920d ago

And Bubble up! Looks like I'll be holding out against my will seeing as how there are no PS3's anywhere!

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FangBlade2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Please Lord, make it happen!
Damn im so excited right now even my hands are shaking lol.

RageAgainstTheMShine2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

by Re-releasing AAA classic PS2 games in HD on PS,3 will you guys forgive Sony?

Will Sony be forgiven if ever these two games are ever released?

Ready to kiss and make up?

PS. Sony I tried so hard to stay away from YouTube and anything that will spoile this game for moi. So please make it happen here in American shores. Please. That will be very good, which is good.

itisa2921d ago

I'm all for Shadow of the Colossus in bluray but the link in the article doesn't make sense at all.

borisfett2921d ago

@ itisa

It's just Pat's style. He's a very trusted journalist though.

ijkabob2920d ago

YOUR RIGHT! Its a fucking poem! omg! this is amazing? how did this make it to N4G? let me quote part of it for you.

“This isn’t very good, is it?”
“It’s a fucking funeral. What do you expect?”
“Yes, I know, but come on. There’s hardly anyone here.”
“Well, he wasn’t a very nice man.”
“Are any of them?”
“Oh, shut up.”
“I’m only here because of you, you know.”
“Of course I know. You’ve said so about twenty times this morning.”
“There’s no need to be like that.”
“Whatever. Just shut up. They’re about to start.”


“Seriously, shut up. Have some respect.”

[a short sermon, punctuated by crying. pause in recording. start in recording. sounds of glasses and low chatter]

Lol not even kidding.

borisfett2921d ago

Hell yeah!

If this is true, I can die a happy and content man.

Jamegohanssj52921d ago

Give me my mother fricking GTA Trilogy remake.


Digitaldude2921d ago

Two beautiful games in HD... wow.........

sikbeta2920d ago

Great News... I'll buy it in Heartbeat... Please Sony Please...

vhero2920d ago

Another couple of games that never took off nor sold well in the UK like with God Of War... I can see now why the 360 is doing so well over here..

Christopher2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Looking at the success of the God of War Collection, this would be awesome. I'd pick it up first day, personally.

HighDefinition2920d ago

I own both and I would buy that disc for full price. SOTC is my favorite game of last gen.

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PaPa-Slam2921d ago

Freakin Awesome, me and my Brother have been waiting for this good news.

N4BmpS2921d ago

I'd buy that in a heart beat.

Megaton2921d ago

They'd be retarded not to do this. Everyone's been clamoring for it since the GoW Collection was announced.

arakouftaian2920d ago

Meet up and talk about this HD remake
I hope they aprove it because the old games did not sale well
and if they remake it plus the hype behind
The Last Guardian this remake could sale well

But I think if will do well only f they sale the hd remake games together with the last guardian. include the games in a special edition with art and music of the game.

And I'm sold if not I will buy them separate any day but
not many will I think.

LordMarius2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

They better, because I never played them, and Im not buying the Last Guardian until I do so