Uwe Boll Watch: Dungeon Siege Trailer Leaked

Bollbashers points to the latest footage from In the Name of the King, which actually looks like a legitimate trailer now. Even though the end promotes a December release date, 1UP confirmed it's actually January several weeks back. No matter how you slice it, though, this is looking like Boll's most disastrous epic yet.

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Seige Tale, based on the several action RPGs from Gas Powered Games and Microsoft.

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MyNutsYourChin4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

This movie is going to be unbelievable! With such an all-star cast, I mean, seriously, why wouldn't anyone want to watch this film?! It has Burt Reynolds in it! The story is so original and entertaining and the effects are just amazing! Uwe Boll you are my hero, not! Uwe Boll, you are a joke, and an unfunny one at that.

Watch out everyone, Uwe Boll is trying to sell you an imitation PS3 with Wii graphics and an XBOX 360 overheater. I wouldn't watch this movie if it was free.

Daxx4168d ago

This is going to be like Lord of the Rings with horse sh*t, bull sh*t, and every type of sh*t mixed in with it.

Uwe Boll, Ur movies Teh Suck!

Salvadore4168d ago

*scratching head*


Marcello4168d ago

That acting looked awful & the dialogue was just as bad. when are we gonna learn that a good game does not make a good movie the examples of this are endless

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